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A little confused here, could do with some advice. My '07 RK Classic is fitted with Docking Hardware 53804-06 which is suited for the detachable 2-up tour-pak rack and RK Classic Leather Tour-Pak Luggage. I would like the option to fit a cissy bar onto the bike when we don't need the Tour-Pak. When looking at the parts catalogue the 2-up Tour-Pak demands Docking Hardware P/No. 53804-06 however, the detachable cissy bar calls up P/No 53803-06. Does this mean that I have to purchase 53803-06 to fit a cissy bar, and would this involve the removal of P/No 53804-06? Sorry if I appear to be a bit thick here but I can't seem to find a drawing to indicate the difference between the 2 docking kits. There is a diagram in the catalogue, but it doesn't seem to indicate what is what.:unsure:unsure
Two different units. You can order from Zanotti for 20% off if you want the additional unit. I couldn't tell you how they cross or fitments on them. I'm sure the dealer could clear it up for you.

This is what you have 53804-06


Found here

This is 53803-06


found here
you do need both docking kits. they will both fit on the bike at the same time...

i started with the two-up sissy bar and associated docking kit. eventually i decided i needed a tour pac - and associated docking kit. then i realized whenever i was riding a passenger, i was always using the tour pac. so i gave away the two-up sissy bar and docking kit. now i only have the tour pac and associated docking hardware...
Thanks anarchy, I wasn't sure if both would fit the bike at the same time. Now I know. Cheers.