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Do you watch cartoons?

With having an 18 month old we watch a lot of cartoons. Right now I am watching Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius(which is way above my daughter's head, but it keeps her quiet) durning the rest of the day she loves to watch Sponge Bob, Dora, and Blue's Clues. Does anyone else have to watch these?
I love to watch cartoons but only those when I was a young boy like Tom and Jerry, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, The Flinstones and others. I do not like to watch the present day caroons. I don't know why.
I also like to watch cartoons in fact the cartoon movies I watched were Pocahontas, The Lion King, The Beauty and The Beast, Antz and others that I could not remember. They're fun to watch and for a while you will be relieved from all your troubles.
I have watched some of the new cartoons with the grandkids but I am not that intersted in them. I really like the ones from my childhood like Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, what ever happened to just plain old simple mindless cartoons?
I watch cartoons all of the time. I really like them for myself and when there are kids around it is one of the only ways that I know to keep them quiet. I am really surprise that all of the cartoons have to be so racially diverse these days, what is with that?
I still love cartoons. When I was a kid, I loved He-man, She-ra and all the sissy shows. Now, I watch cartoons like SpongeBob and other shows from Nickelodeon. I usually watch with my nephews. I'm more into Japanese Animation. I watch Naruto, Bleach, and other fantastic animes.
It seems that there still remains some child in us adults because how can we explain this phenomenon. But quite honestly cartoons are a joy to watch and keep me entertained. Sometimes it is the people around me that seem puzzled why I love watching it.
I watch all Disney Cartoons and with my daughter I really love SpongeBob! Others I like are The Wiggles,Magic School Bus and Bob the Builder. I do not like the ones like Sailor Moon and all.Its like porn in disguise.
Family Guy and American Dad for me, other than that not a real big fan of the toons anylonger.spiderman was my favorite when I was a kid.
The Simpsons (ever since they started on The Tracey Ulmann Show) and Family Guy are my all time favorites. Quagmire is awesome; he always cracks me up with his giggidy's. When I was younger, I used to like He-Man.