Do you know how to use your intercom?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by joel, Apr 26, 2009.

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    We went to the dealer yesterday to pick up our bike after service and out in the parking lot was an older couple [ i'm 51] They just bought a Ultra Classic and were trying to get the intercom to work. When I came back outside about 20 minutes later they were still there only now yelling at each other, CAN YOU HEAR ME? I watched this go on and on, so having and Ultra myself I though I might be able to help. She can't hear me and I can't hear her. This thing is a piece of dodo, he said it diferently. So I was checking the controls for him and thought it was odd she couldn't hear him, than while she wasa yelling at him she look'd at me standing on the right of the bike and thats when I figured it out. Her cable had came unplugged from the helmet. So the nice guy that I am I plugged it in and guess what she said, THE BLEEPING RADIO IS TOO BLEEPING LOUD. By the time they were leaving it was plain to see they didn't need an intercom becouse he already had a PA system that came standard with marrage lic.
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    That's classic. :small3d015:

    Just go's to show ya, no good deed goes unpunished:bigsmiley30:
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    Bet you laughed all the way home. I would have! :D
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    Yes it was very funny. made me think of how we learn'd to use ours, in the garage with the door shut, are you there, can you hear me, breaker breaker, evan now I have to retrain myself after not using it all winter.