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Do you have a license?

I know that a lot of people that I have talked to do not have a motorcylce license and they are just operating on their permit and intend to do so forever. I have my license and just wondered how many other have one as well?
Yes I did go and get my license. When I was younger I did only have my permit but in the state that I live in you have to have a license to have a passenger so once I got a girlfriend I had to go and get my license so that we could go out on my bike together.
I can't imagine to drive without a license. I was once caught by the cop and had paid a heavy fine. A lot of my luck friends have been driving without a license.
You've got to be kidding me! How irresponsible! I've had my license for a very long time. I frown on people who don't ride legally. :(
I think that what the original poster was referring to is that in some states you can just get a permit and ride on that unless of course you want to ride at night or have a passenger on the back of the bike.

I have my license and have had it since I was 18. I figured that the best part of riding was riding you bike at night on the open highways so that is why I went for the course and testing.
I did go get my license just so I could ride at night. I will never take a passenger with me, I don't like the responsibillity that it carries. I would hate to make a mistake on my bike and be responsible for someone else's life.
To me it is about the same as driving a car with no license.If you are going to do something why not do it right?Had mine since I was 19.
Where I live you can choose whether or not you would like to get a license or just drive on your permit. Since I do not drive at night or ride a passanger, I just have my permit and that is all that I legally need.
I got my license about a month ago. I am no awaiting delivery of my new bike. I can not wait to get it and get my girlfriend on it out on the open highway, it is going to be so much fun.
I have a license. I think that the people that do not get one are just being lazy and don't want to go through the riders saftey course that is required. It takes two days out of your weekend and you have to ride their bikes.