Do NOT test ride an 09' Street Glide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bluegrassboy, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. bluegrassboy

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    I was at Savannah HD today and was offered a ride on an 09' Street Glide Demo.

    I took it.

    Anybody wanna buy a Fatboy?

    Words can't describe how much I liked this bike......if you don't want to buy one....don't ride one........running 80 on this bike is like doing about 55 on my fatboy...even with my windshield on....ran out about 15 miles through some winding roads, when I turned around I turned on the radio and blasted some Skynyrd on the way back to the dealer....I'm going to put a deposit on the next black SG and put the Fatboy for sale on the Fort Stewart lemon lot....:D
  2. Randall K. Wilson

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    As a crusty ole Harley rider said to a friend of mine in a dealership one time..."Boys..git what-cha wont.....":small3d026:

    The Streetglide is very popular here in central Indiana. It seems a lot of the young bucks like them... The touring frame with a contempory look seems to spin their you have the tunes to listen to...

    Yeah...the SG is a might fine ride...:s
  3. thegoal

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    Bluegrassboy, I didn't get your warning in time!
    Just bought an '09 from Savannah H-D last weekend and can't get off the thing. Incredible bike. Good to know there are others enjoying them here in town.
  4. Mickster

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    Have (had) a HeritageSoftailClassic, and just bought a EG, but thought I wanted a SG. Wow ... EG/SG's are awesome! Love mine. You folks from Georgia notice a PGR this weekend for a returning MIA from Vietnam? Remains found of a F-4 Phantom pilot .. to be officially returne and buried this coming weekend.
    Sorry ... thought you might wish to know.

    I wanted a SG, then when i wrote all the 'creature features' i wanted, it equaled a EG. haha

    Ride safe!

  5. WHM1

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    I have the fever REALLY bad and that's the reason I am staying away from the Harley Dealer. In my opinion it's the best bike for 2009. If business ever gets back to normal may have to get one but right now can not make any unnecessary purchases. It's all good when I get on my FatBoy and hear my Vance & Hines start to roar I am still a happy camper.
  6. bonedaddio

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    Well said... don't ride an '09 SG unless you're willing to buy one.
    I let my buddy (has an '06 Ultra) ride mine and he's just fuming...and scheming...
    Everyone I've seen on this forum, everyone I've met that has one sez the 09 SG is just so fine.
    I really feel that "can't get off it"... I had mine out yesterday to go get a flu shot (wife's job gives em for free, WTH,) and I almost didn't make it back to the office... The Rush exhaust sounded SO good, the Hog Tunes were blasting, Rt. 30 has just been re-paved... must.... go.... back.... to........ office........ ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
    Work today, play out in Band tonight.
    Rain tomorrow (work on bike, changing to different color LEDs, try a Pledge shine)
    Sunny and low 60s on Sunday... going to ride!

  7. cdn-bigfoot

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    I went to the local Demo Days at my HD dealer.
    Wanted to ride the Street Glide so bad.
    It was booked up for the whole weekend.
    I had to settle for the Electra Glide Ultra.
    Nice ride, soft, smooth, comfortable.... just not as much fun as my Street Bob.

    I'll wait until I retire for my big bagger days.
    In the meantime I love my Street Bob.
    Don't get me wrong, I would love to be on an Electra or SG for highway trips.
    But, around town I can't do better than my stripped down and tricked out bobber!
    When I'm on it I want to ride through the worst parts of town.

    On another note, that shows my interest level is still there.
    How does the ride of the SG compare to that of the Electra?
  8. krikket

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    I couldn't have worded that any better!! This is going to be a rough winter!!!!:(

    CSMHOG Member

    I've never rode a SG yet but in all honesty ... I see plenty of guys that buy a SG and then put all kinds of stuff on them to make them fore comfy for touring. My personal opinion is to buy the Ultra and then personalize it to make it look more sporty.

    I went from an '07 EG to the '09 Ultra, man what a difference they made to the '09. I know everyone's heard of all the changes ... Frame, tires, exhaust, etc ... But, did you know there's 491 changes from the '08 to the '09? I don't all of them but it's basically a redesigned MC under the same skin. It rides like a dream. My wife was real hestitant to trade in the '07 because we loved it so much. She is thrilled we did it and so am I.

    God speed, Ben
  10. ww1flyingace

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    No. :)