Do magnets REALLY work?

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  1. Got an Ultra Classic and I always get stuck at these damn auto sensing/auto tripping traffic lights. I understand all about the feild that needs to be disrupted by the vehicle to make the lights go to green. i also know that some states have a "3 cycle" rule on going through the light after 3 cycles. With the way alot of cagers are on the street, and with the way some cops like to harass and now TASER people for no appearent reason, i would like to avoid doing anything that would give some one carring a badge or a cager an excuse to hit me or taser me.
    So, my questions are: Does putting strond magnets on the bottom of the bike ACTUALLY help trip the traffic lights? Do any of you brothers or sisters out there have magnets on your scoot.....and of you notice any diffferances with traffic lights?
    Thanks to all the reply.
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    Acording to this site

    How does it work?
    The RLC-40 Red Light Changer is a specially designed device which uses an extremely strong, patented Neodymium-Boron-Iron magnet to make a motorcycle visible to the traffic-sensor loops imbedded in the pavement at most traffic light intersections. These wire loops act like metal detectors and are designed to sense the metallic mass in an approaching vehicle, and to signal the traffic light to change from red to green, after a short delay. Unfortunately, most motorcycles don't have enough metal to set off the sensors, so the light doesn't "see" the motorcycle waiting at the red light. Mounted at the bottom of the motorcycle, the RLC-40, sends out a strong magnetic flux field, causing the sensor to "see" the motorcycle as a large steel vehicle, inducing a signal in the pavement sensor loops, thereby triggering the traffic light to turn green.

    I have heard some say they do work.
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    Most of the time if you ride exactly along top of the metal strip in the road it'll trip but when it doesnt pull forward enough to allow a car to pull over it and it'll change.
    Don't know about the magnets :dknow
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    Put one of the magnets available for this purpose on my Road King and went to a signal that I knew would never change for my Bike and sure enough it worked and the light changed. I'm sold !
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    You are the first person I've ever heard of that had success with this gadget. Good for you, I'm glad it worked. However, I know of more than a handful of folks that have commented on their lack of success with these things.

    I'm not convinced, but least I can now say I know of ONE rider happy with this item.
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    I haven't done this but I heard if the light won't change, kill your bike and restart. The starter will create a strong magnetic field and trigger the light.:small3d019:
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    I bought one. I thought it helped at first, but either it quit working or it never did. Junk is what I called it. Maybe some work, but the one I bought had a great sales pitch with testimonials, it did not work. Don't remember the brand but I won't buy another. I just go when it is safe to do so. I figure I pay taxes like evey cage does so I should not have to buy anything to get those damn lights to see me. I will likey eventually state my case in court... and I will lose.
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    my problem is when there are no cages around. If there are cages, there is no problem as they will trip it. When I am alone, no cages anywhere, I run it.
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    Local Police made a motorcycle safety awareness presentation where I work. The officer was the lead motorcycle patrolman.

    He stated that in Indiana, it IS against the law to turn left if the sensor does not change the light. He says that we are to either go straight or turn right if possible and then do a legal U-turn. He apologized to bikers but said that they must deal with the law as written.

    I've found that sometimes is I catch the left or right arc of the sensor circle that the light will change. (at intersections I know are a problem) I have also run the light because at times the traffic never stops on busy 6 lane roads to your right...but you can see an opening to your left. Unless the cagers allow me to get over to the right, I'll be there forever, or until one of them is ready to turn left. Another example of how ignorant our local politicians are about what really can be done to improve motorcycle saftety. How about designing the roads to be cycle friendly???
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    Yeah!..the first step is to knock off with grooving the highways so deep it takes the handle bars out of your hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!