Do I really need it?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by walt5162, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. walt5162

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    I'm considering putting on 4" rinehart slip-ons on my 09 FLHTC. Do I need a stage 1 kit?
    Not that I wouldn't mind having one installed. It's more of a money issue... not having enough!
    As always ... thank you!
  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    It's not needed but it works well in conjunction with the pipes for an overall improvement. When doing both, you need more fuel too.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    More fuel is always a good thing, rather have more fuel for cooling than a holed piston JMO:s

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Actually for Stage I deal, the exhaust system is the most expensive part...why not buy a K&N airfilter element, install TFI for half the price of the exhaust and wait for the rest? You will get 5-8 HP increase and be ready for the pipes of your choosing at a later date, to add the sound and additional 5-8 HP, and be "kinder" to your engine in the process, with less lean fuel mixture, adding tunability by you without the huge dealer price tag. A $600 exhaust change is not the "least" expnsive routhe JMO! Take a look here regarding a similar thread...:D
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  5. Troy1225

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    You can get away with changing pipes without completing the stage 1 but your bike will still be running lean and hot.

    I agree with NEWHD74....get the increased air flow filter and a TFI. That way you can richen up your air/fuel mixture and have your bike run a little cooler. Then when the money comes available, you can add the pipes, getting rid of the cats and then readjust your TFI if necessary.
  6. BlackG30

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    Sincerely, I've changed the slip-ons, the air filter and installed a PCIII. You can feel a clear difference in power, acceleration, ... But the heat issue is still there. Need to upgrade to stage I? Probably it is not mandatory
  7. doc_63

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    The Rineharts will be fun due to the sound but you arent goint to be truly happy until you get more fuel and more air along with it.

    Ask me how I know...:D:D:D:D
  8. Blindrage

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    I have posted this elsewhere, but will post it here as well.

    Stage 1 upgrade is 3 basic things - new pipes for more airflow out, new intake for more airflow in, carb/EFI changes in some form to manage that new airflow.

    I am sure doing a search of Glider's posts will get you a much better explanation, but here is the short and sweet of it.

    The only item in that list that works well by itself is the carb/EFI change. You can gain some power and make the bike run better with that change alone, but not much without the other two.

    Pipes and intake and not a good move without the carb/EFI change. The reason...

    The intake will move more air into the chamber. Your HD came from the factory already set to run really lean. Since the Air-Fuel (AF) mix might now be even leaner you could really overheat the engine. Worst case is the oil gets so hot all the lubricants burn off and the engine seizes, best case is the bike adjusts the AF mix and you gain little if anything. Swap the pipes and you have the same issue at the back end of the bike. Backpressure and airflow are both affected by the pipes, and your bike is currently adjusted for those stock pipes.

    So if you can only buy one item make it a TFI, add an autotuner to it for even better results. Then you can swap the others at your leisure.

    Your mileage may vary, and guys with more experience may shoot me down. However, I have seen guys on sport bikes when I was much younger and dealing with only jets and carbs blow a perfectly good engine by adding parts with no other adjustments. The newer bikes may be less sensitive to those mods, but I am not doing any of my Stage 1 until I can do all three parts at once.

    Good luck.
  9. walt5162

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    Thanks all for the advice... looks like peanut butter & jelly for dinner a little while longer
  10. R. Lewis

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    Walt ---a couple of quick questions for ya ----
    Are you taking off the stock exhaust and why are you thinking of putting 4" slips back on?

    anyone ---
    If Walt goes with the 4" slips , wont he lose alot of back pressure doing this and since the scoot is MoCo/EPA lean coming off the assl. line , will it not run just "a touch off" with the bike being built to MoCo specs?