Do I need to find a new dealer service dept?

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by Planocat, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Planocat

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    Beginning to feel VERY uncomfortable with local HD dealer service dept. (And I do need to have a service department do the work - I'm not a do-it-yourself capable guy.)

    Here's why I'm not so comfortable:
    1. Took my '02 Road King Classic in for 15k service and switch to synthetic fluids. Only choice, HD synthetics. Would have been my last choice based on posts here, but that's what I now have. Don't most dealers offer an option?

    2. Cruise control had quit working. Had been told by my previous service writer that one of the common problems was cable replacement and could be checked by unplugging the electrical connection. If cruise then worked, he would replace the cable. This dealer told me that I needed a new set/resume switch. OK, replace it. Then says the cruise will work if I unplug the cable but won't have a roll-off feature, but I could ride it without it. Not what I wanted. I wanted it right and now I have to replace the cable which was probably the problem in the first place. I think I might have bought an unneeded set/resume switch? Opinion needed.

    3. Alarm quit chirping. No siren feature. Wanted that fixed but they can't find the problem. Supposedly put on a new siren - still no sound. Then put my siren on newer bike in shop and it supposedly worked. Now say they think it is "alarm module" related - a $500 part??? All features of the alarm work properly except for the siren. Opinion needed.

    I'm really not happy with the inability to properly fix these 2 issues despite having the bike 4 days. The costs are mounting and I still don't have a properly functioning bike.

    What is your experience/opinion with issues like these. Any help or advice is much appreciated.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Try a talk with the manager if that falls on deaf ears I would find a dealer or independent shop that wants your business and listens to your concerns u have choices and you are the consumer you have the power and support of the forum, Jack

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    DID YOU GET THE OLD PARTS BACK...If you HAVE,,,,and test old parts to be GOOD,,, I'd go back to the service manager with the GOOD part and ask for a re-install of my old GOOD part or the new one for free...... labor and all...

    They are supposed to give you back the old parts....YOU bought the new and should always take back the old....just keeps thing on the HONEST SIDE

    SELLING you a part to replace a GOOD functioning part is a felony.... YOU"D win in a small claims court(money award) or contact your attorney general... If they don't give you satisfaction THEN I WOULD THREATEN the above AND YOU MIGHT SEE RESULTS...

    I would be more careful when asking for repair to state FIND THE PROBLEM THEN CALL ME ,,, LET ME KNOW HOW MUCH AND WHAT PARTS ARE NEEDED...then you can decide

  4. joel

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    You may be able to locate a good indy shop, ask your riding friends if they know any, than go visit the shop and get to know the owner, give them some backround on what is going on with your bike, look around the shop to get an idea of how it is kept, if another customer is there watch to see how they are treated, I own a repair shop and know of shops that charge the customer for the tech learning how to fix cars by guessing, if the repair works yeha if not the customer still pays for the un needed part / labor. From you post it sounds like you need to look for a new repair shop / dealer, becouse the alarm module has a wire that sends a signal to the siren and it can be tested
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    I agree with Jack. Being in the DFW area, you've got several dealerships you can go to; some have good service reputations and some don't.

    As for the synthetic options, most dealers in the area only stock HD products; no aftermarket brands. Check with your dealer, they will likely use other brands if you provide the oil.
  6. Jim B.

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    My local dealer stocks HD lubricants only. However, they are more than willing to put in Mobil 1 V-Twin and Spectro lubricants if I bring them in. I suspect it's that way at most HD dealers.
  7. sandmar

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    Amen. A service dept. that does not listen,or is not concerned,is worse than a shade tree mechanic................they know how to steal your money at the same time
  8. Drumrguy

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    I totally understand your frustration, I just went through the same thing with a bike I bought, took a ton of time and arguments with the dealer, I finally got the sales manager and general manager involved, asked the G.M. to ride my bike, and wow, wouldn't you know when I got it back all my problems were gone. I know the service manager was not happy about going over his head, but honestly, all I wanted was the bike to be the it was when it was new. I do know that cruise control is very hard to diagnose sometimes, but keep pressing the issue, they will come through. My dealer did and know all is well in dealer/customer land. In fact went on a ride yesterday that left from their shop, found exhaust leak when I started bike, called service manager, had my bike fixed in enough time to go on the ride. It will work out, just be persistant. Good Luck.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Your ride and your choice...but finding a service provider who will work with you would be the way to go. As many have said, a service repair is a written contract that is between you, the provider and regulated by the state. You are entitled to a written estimate before repair, payment of labor and parts with your consent and the return of the old parts upon completion, warranty and satisfaction as delivered or implied. If it was something that affects the safety of the vehicle, the onus is supposed to be on the servicer to not release the vehicle until the safety provisions are met.

    That said, if they did not complete the work as specified in the original repair order/ contract and problem still exists, they are required to complete and mitigate the repair IF it was clearly defined in that same document...! That is why when you begin a repair, you must clearly read the work order, write down the symptoms or needs BEFORE any work begins; and when the service contract/repair order is completed BOTH sides are covered.

    Quite simple really, if the current dealer/provider can't deliver the goods, move on and find an HD dealer or Indy you trust to fill the void. And yes, we are here at HDTimeline when you feel you need help doing the more routine needs you feel comfortable with. HD ownership should not be this painful!
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  10. Jack Klarich

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    I like the way Richards thinks anyone can throw pats at a bike and still mot know what fixed the problem I always look for cause and affect good diagnostics wins every time being an auto tech if I install parts and it doesnt solve the problem its on my dime and my manager takes a dim view of this JMO