Do I need a TFI/Power Commander?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Monolith, May 28, 2009.

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    So I bought a 2006 Heritage in March. I have been riding it like a mad man. Just under 6000 miles in two months. I found out from some friends that the exhaust is not stock. It’s “slip ons” but no clue what brand. I noticed the lower one does not have a heat shield and I can see lot’s of “gold” color starting to show up. So I went to my local HD shop and they told me to get a stage 1 air kit and a new download. So I bought the kit and showed up for my appointment and when the service girl came out to inspect the bike before giving it to them she notices that I already had the stage 1 air kit installed. She went back inside and looked up my bike and the previous owner, had the stage 1 kit installed and a “race tuner” download already?

    Anyway, I am no expert (obviously) but I thought I would reach out and double check that my only option is to try and find someone that sells a heat shield to cover up the gold or use that chemical stuff to try and remove it (although it will just come back) or install some fancy TFI style device. I have no intention of do anything else to this bike since I plan on picking up a new 2010 when they come out but I will put another 15,000 miles on this one before that happens.

    Anyone know how to find out who makes the slip on exhaust that I have? Or where to get a heat shield for them?