Do I need a new engine mount?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by minamoto, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. minamoto

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    Hi All,
    I have an 06 FXDBi streetbob, which has developed (more) vibration in the forward controls that I added over a year ago, but only at a narrow rev range, approx 2000-2500.
    I'v had a close look at the forward mount, and it seems that the metal part of the mount is resting on top of the rubber block, and there is a gap of about 1/4" between the bottom of the rubber block and the bottom metal part.
    I also see signs that when the oil filter was changed, somebody didn't do too clean a job, and it has run onto the mount.
    Should it look like this?
    Cheers, Min

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  2. wilks3

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    I would just change it out. By your description & pictures it looks trashed. Leaving engine oil on the rubber mount is a no-no, eats the rubber. Not hard to change out.
  3. minamoto

    minamoto New Member

    Hi, Wilks3
    Thanks for your reply. Although I hadn't looked at the mount before, I was guessing that it didn't look quite right! Now, where to source one in the UK.....

    Safe riding,
  4. R_W_B

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    Do you know how many miles are on the mount ? The main thing you want to look for is too much stretching forward (towards the frame brace) as this denotes too much flexure trama and weakends the mount. Also some folks say they have good results by shaving (trimming) the rubber (with a razor knife) off the top so it does't touch the metal. They say it lessens the vibration.

    But all that being said if you are having vibrations in your pegs I would recommend (as Wilks3 said) changing the mount out. That is exactly what I did on my 07 Bob. I originally got into it to install washers to shim out the stretch, but upon investigation my mount looked so badly stretched I ordered a new mount from Zanotti's (about $38 cheaper than my local HD).

    When I got it I sat both of them on a table and you could really see the difference in position between the new and old. Since I did the remove stretch shim also I'm not sure which helped (or helped the most) but I don't have anywhere near the vibration I used to at high speeds. It's about the same at idle. But above 60mph now my bike really settles down and is smooth all the way to 85mph (as fast as I have ever had it).

    Additionally you want to always have integrity in the mounts so you don't get into any weave scenarios. Anyhow it's not a hard job but if you have any questions, I've been there done that.

    I was not able to get a torque wrench into the area to torque the back bolt where the mount goes onto the engine brace, but I just tightened it TIGHT with a 5" long wrench which I'm pretty sure was near the lbs I set on the front one. For a long time after that I would always check my mount bolts on a pre-ride but they are still good to go. You might have some sort of crows foot and a couple of extenders you can get in there, but I couldn't get to the back bolt. The front one I got with a crows foot setup but not the back one.

    You will need a jack to hold the engine up (and help align it for the frame holes). A sissor or screw jack is safer since some hydraulic ones will leak down over time. Put a wood block on it to protect the bottom of your engine. Good luck.
  5. fin_676

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    Take a look at this link you will be able to find your year and model then all the parts list find the correct part and the price is there
    As they are in jersey there is no V.A.T. so should be cheaper than a mainland dealer
    Or you could try here if they dont have the part listed you can send an email and he will get back to you fairly quickly if you have the HD part number it will help with finding the part
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  6. minamoto

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    Hi Guys, thanks for all the help. It is much appreciated. I have the part number now, and have contacted the Jersey dealer. The price here tops £100. that'll teach me to be a bit more careful!
    I contacted Zanotti's, and yes, they are way cheaper, but they tell me that HD won't allow them to sell/ship outside the US.
    So, bite the bullet, and learn the lesson.

    Thanks again,

  7. minamoto

    minamoto New Member

    Hi All,
    Bought a new HD mount from M&M of Ohio. They couldn't have been more helpful, and
    even with the shipping, still less than the UK :)
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. It's installed now, and much, much better.
    Ride safe, guys,
  8. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    Glad you got the problem fixed. M&M is a real good company to deal with.