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DK Learns To Ride


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Finally some new footage of DK's first riding experience, and you wonder why he doesn't want to ride on the highways?

Yeah ,yeah, we know, the instructor dropped your bike.....right? :D

Maybe a bit of glue on the seat would help ya out here.

YouTube - Motorcycle First Ride (Crash)
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And you guys thought I couldn't ride! HA!!! That'll show you all!! Nyah!! I can too ride. At least 3 seconds at a time! Any wonder my bike's still got less then 18K on her?

Then I moved up to a bigger bike. If I'm gonna crash... It's gonna be SPECtacular!

(to be honest... the beginning of the video looked pretty much JUST like my first day trying to ride the thing. I was NOT familiar with first gear and the clutch... bounce bounce bounce...)
Man ..I laughed my butt off watching that...Till the last second and realized these guys were clowning around...But they were very good at it...I know my sorry butt couldn't do that....One of the most entertaining vids i seen in a while...also loved the "Freedom of the Road " vid that so got me in the mood...anyone know if a person could buy that on a CD...a little cheesy but I loved it!
Andres... a little bit better. I now know where the brakes are too!

Four, the "Freedom of the Road" vid? I don't remember that one being listed here. If you can link it, I'll do a search, and see if that songs available on the net anywhere.

Let me know!