DIY Maintenance Videos


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Here's some videos for the do it yourself crowd that will show you how to do certain maintenance items.

He has a bit of a problem with terminology, but the procedure for the most part will give you a working idea of what has to be done.

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Video: How to Adjust a Motorcycle Clutch Pack
Thanks Mr. Data, Even though a person may know how to perform these tasks it is always a benefit to see a professional reconfirming the DIY process. Really good info.
Thanks Mr. Data, I'm hoping project # 2 on the bike goes a little smoother, but I already have a head start here....It won't be this weekend, but maybe next. (Work will interfere w/the personal life this week, I get to stand by and wait on the phone to ring:bigsmiley32:
Definitely, I'm not afraid to ask........A Big Thank You in advance.