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    A piece of string is walking down the street. It's a pretty hot day and tossing back a cold one sure seems like a good idea. Seeing a bar he decides to pop in for a brew. He walks up to the bartender and says "hey I'll take a beer." At first the bartender ignores him. So, he says again "hey could I get a beer over here?" The bartender walks over to him and tells him to hit the bricks, they don't serve stings in this establishment, never has never will. Obviously upset, the string storms outta the bar. As he starts down the street again, an idea hits him. He ducks into the alley, ties himself into a bow and fringes out his ends. He walks confidently back in the door and bellies up to the bar. "hey barkeep, toss me a brew". The bartender storms over to him and yells; "aren't you that piece of string that was just in here?!"
    The string replies "NO, I'm a frayed knot!"
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