Discount on Gerbings clothing?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by horizonchaser, Nov 1, 2010.

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    I'm not sure but for some reason I thought I had read that Gebings will offer a discount on their clothing line if we mention this forum. I called Gerbings inquiring about their gloves & jacket liner and I mentioned that to them while I was on the phone talking to them and the woman that I spoke to wasn't aware of that. So, is there a discount available for Gerbings line of clothing or am I totally off track here? It sure would be nice if there was. Also, are the glove liners just as good as the gloves? The reason why i ask is that I already own a good pair of riding gloves and it seems more economical to simply put liners underneath the gloves that I already own.
    Thanks! HC
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    I don't know about a forum discount, but this is gerbings outlet store

    Heated Clothing Outlet - Huge Discounts on Heated Clothing!

    the only drawback is you order and wait, and wait, if they have it in stock it ships if not you get a refund, I got my g/f's liner through them and it was a perfectly good unit, just an older model, I saved about a hundred dollars

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    As the Tank said, the website offers discounts on certain models, and seasonal discounts during the year, but sadly no actual HDTimeline discount, even though we "have" had many happy and satisfied users...! Might want to bring it up with their CSR, they might do so as a good will gesture.
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    Sweet! We certainly do get a lot of positive testimonials on our forum endorsing their line of clothing. It is because of those good reviews that I for one take into consideration the quality of their products. Thanks NewHD.
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    Grandprixmotorsports will give you 20% when you call or email Tracy for the online coupon code.
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    the heated gear outlet, will list what they have in stock. if the item is not listed, it's out. Thet being said, suppliues are limited, and you will know shortly if the item is unavailable
    Grand Prix, in Littleton Co, is the first place I saw, that offered a discount on Gerbings, during cold weather season.

    Warm and safe, first gear, and warm gear also offer good quality gear, at similar prices.
    First gear, also comes with controllers, so remember to factor that into your decision

    I have the Gerbings Jacket Liner (grand prix) T-5 gloves and Union Ridge pants (outlet), and am quite happy with Gerbings.... and their customer service
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    My wife and I both have a full Gerbing set-up (jacket liner and the G3 gloves). Very good products and made our motorcycling a year-round activity.

    Unfortunately, it is difficult to find these products discounted from September through March every year. Discounts our often found during the warmer riding seasons.

    It is a rarity that I say this, but these products are worth their price at full retail.
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    Have to agree 100% here.:D
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    I live close to Grand Prix Motorsports and they are a great place to get tires as well as clothing. Boy its good to see Glider back.