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    i have an 06 road king, and i have not been able to start it. the alarm light on the speedo stays lit, and even when i push the button on the fob nothing happens. does anyone know what is going on. it started off with the light flashing of and on rapidly non stop, but not it stays lit.
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    Sounds like you have a current problem rather than a historic one. Check this out and see what codes are set:

    04-07 HD DTC Codes and Activation - Harley Davidson Community

    Also, have you done anything to the bike before this started?

    Hmmm. I just reread you original post. The light you have on the speedo is the security light NOT the engine light, right? If so, sounds like the system is not picking up the FOB. Do you know the manual security code that you can put in with the left and right signal indicator buttons? Check the Owner's Manual and see if the code is in there. If you don't have that, try changing the battery in the FOB (do you have both of them?). Also, once you do that, if it still doesn't work, try wiggling the key switch slightly (not enough to change position) while you rapidly push the button on the FOB repeatedly. I have to do this on my bike when it is in the garage (yeah I know, sounds like superstition!). Works though!

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    Do you have a second Fob? Maybe the battery is out on the one you are using, or it is defective and not allowing you to de-activate. Do you know if you have the standard dealer default programmed combination in there or did you change it?

    You may want to try to use the procedure attached and key it in according to Gliders' listed instructions...or as a last resort may have to take to the dealer to try to marry TSSM to FOB serial number or programming to standard default combo.