dipstick blows out on oil tank

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    A gal friend of mine has a 2007 softtail.....

    she told me how the oil dip-stick has blown loose and gotten oil all over bike...( saying this has happened a couple of times before)

    I asked how much over full on oil she was.. she thought none but I SUSPECT

    I wasn't there when this occured nor to see how much oil came out but i think she MUST OF been over full cause when I checked her level after a ride today, it was right on the hot full mark...I DO THINK HER OIL LEVEL WAS TOO HIGH AS NONE NEEDED TO BE ADDED....

    ANY OF YOU with a softtail have or had this problem? also HOW MUCH OIL OVER FULL would it take to cause dipstick to blow loose....

    I know the oil sumps sometimes after sitting as it does on my sportster ,,,, showing LOW oil level COLD when actually full....... I know to check the oil level AFTER ran n warmed some... To get the proper level after oil has pumped back up into tank...

    We know the level is correct now (today) , so i suggested a WAIT N SEE if it will happen again....

    ALSO her stage ONE was done by the HD shop..... still very lean with some poping and feels to run hot... I suggested the DOBECK TFI... I use it on my 09 FLHR stage one with good results...

    I've heard 07's run hotter than the newer ones...


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    Sounds like it was over full from what you said. Look in the filler of the tank and you can see the vent line in there. If that gets covered in oil the system can't work right and so it blows out the oil filler cap. Also wipe the rubber seal on the cap too , you don't want oil on it so it shoots out easily.
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    almost has to be over full.
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    HAd the exact problem...and IT WASNT overfilled.....Owned bike 6 years , did all the oil changes my self the last 5... Never had the dipstick cap blow off the bike.. This past year it happened 3 times , all in a period of about 3 weeks. I had other symptoms indicating it was time to rebuild the top end (oil puking into the breather, occasional smoke when starting ... oil became my new friend. Bottom line had to do with the pooling of the oil, scavenging and the build up that would cause the cap to blow off. Top end result...Cracked piston, broken ring. I saw a post on here though that explained why the cap blows off... Just had to post cause the overfill comments were so oversimple...hope that is ALL it IS....but could be sign of more serious probs. My motor had 105K miles...

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    Thank you BUT

    Her 2007 is well cared for VERY low miles. I didn't think any thing mechanical.... I'm sure the OVER filled was the problem.

    NOW if it happens again? (knowing level is right)

    The simple OVER FULL is quite common,, A friend added oil to his big evo only because the oil tank didn't look FULL enough... he added a quart+ then wondered why he BLEW OUT CAP... HOT oil all over bike and on WIFES leg...(you might say "that cooked his goose")

    NOW ON THE older than 07''s TC's,, MANY an issue with oil NOT returning from motor and created foam,leaks,blow-by into air cleaners. MOST All was caused by under-sized gears on oil pumps return side,,, poorly engineered is what I say....

    I went to a NEW oil pump on my 2000 TC right from the get-go... Using a FEULING oil pump.... solved the problem way back then that HD SHOULD of DONE back then,,, but HD waited on oil pump until 06 dyna/07 n up 96" TC's....

    I have HEARD nothing BAD and only GOOD with the improved oil pump n chain tentioner systems: both improved in cams n chain case. That being One reason I bot a new bike 2009 FLHR..

    So far a stage 1 with V&H slip-ons,, Scrm'n eagle air,, DOBECK TFI.... this 3 system set-up TO ME sounds good and runs even better.... NO lean spots and gives 45/46 mi. per gal..

    Still a far cry from my HOT ROD dyna......but NEW..... and I'M LOVING IT!!!


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    Good news for 2010 model owners...MOCO added a relief valve for the oil tanks "--to further enhance the rider experience..." (no more oily mess...)! :lolrolling