dino vs synthetic

Discussion in 'Oil' started by gunnut, Jun 30, 2008.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen!!The debate,as far as I'm concerned, is over!I was very iffy about oils,but,following the forums and Gliders advice in particular,my bike,is running VERY much more happily now on a diet of REDLINE 20-50 in the motor,REDLINE 75-90heavy shockproof in the trans,and (sorry Glider)the REDLINE 20-50 IN THE PRIMARY.the engine is noticeably quieter,the gears shift smoother,and the primary is quieter,with no noticable difference in function on the clutch.I would like to thank those whose advice and experiences have proven to be invaluable!Ride safe,and may the great god harley forever vibrate under you!
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    Nothing to be sorry about, the redline shockproof if another excellent choice for the trans. I used it for many years myself, only reason I didn't use it on the 07 was the extended warranty and the difficulty in removing any traces of the red color from the trans should there be a problem down the road with the trans. Didn't want to hear the old dealer talk about warranty voided etc.even though it is superior to the dealer syn 3 in every respect.