Difficult to cold start evo

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    As spring is almost with us had to do first cut of grass on Saturday still a nice day sun shining and not too cold so pulled the softail out of the shed
    Checked the bike over turned the fuel on pulled the choke nob out snapped throttle open about 4 times to get a good squirt of fuel down the throat of the carb turn power on and press starter engine turns over fires right up
    Go to back shed pull the dyna out and same procedure engine cranks and cranks no fire turn off try again and again after about 10 minutes it eventually fires
    Today Sunday weather fine again decided to pull dyna out of shed and investigate bad starting pulled the air cleaner it was dirty and had some oil on from the head breathers so it went into a bucket of warm soapy water
    Tried opening throttle whilst looking in the carb no swuirt of fuel from the accelerator pump
    Pulled the carb to investigate I found that the accelerator pump rod was covered in a mix of oil and dirt some carb cleaner and a tooth brush and all moving again a good clean up and reassembly of carb refit to bike and all is well again
    Perhaps now It is about time to pull the rocker covers and replace the umbrella valves
    Hers is hoping that your bike wake up problems after the winter sleep are as easy to solve as mine

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    Glad to hear you have it all under control Brian!

    I have a few months before any grass cutting here tho.

    I'm thinking if I have any problems waking the old girl, and since your so good at working on bikes, I'm just going to give you a call. :rofl :rofl :rofl
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    Oh how I would love to have to cut grass...:D However, I did go out to the shed the other day and there is a large puddle of some kind of fluid under the lawn mower. Hubby thinks it is the battery...maybe, but since there is no electric to our shed, I did not investigate. We believe the battery froze in our way below zero temps lately.

    On the brighter side, he hasn't been fussing at me as much for running the Delonghi heater in the front garage, a.k.a., my toy box where the Harley's and my Jeep stay. :)
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    Winter has been a lot of storms with high winds an a lot of rain falling as snow on higher ground but on the coast temps just above freezing
    When the storms stop and we get a few days of respite temps drop below freezing at night the gritters come out and cover the roads in salt and sand
    First cut of grass last year was mid April so very early this year
    Bikes are almost ready to go so on the first bit of good weather and clean roads they will be out