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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by GILLY 68, Jul 1, 2010.

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    Hi boys and girls, first post so give me some slack. Did a search on shocks for a street glide found nothing I was looking for. Upgraded my 89 classic to 2010 street glide. After 3 weeks and 1700 miles the rear air shocks just dont cut it period. Im looking for a ride similiar to 2010 CVO which is one sweet ride. Just wanting some feed back on what people have tried and liked. Yes I have tried different air pressures. The shocks just dont cut it for $20,000 bike in my opinion. I would ike a better ride without being so harse. I ride mainly solo and currently have 18 psi dont want to go much softer for corner bumps issues. I do ocasionaly have a guest but dont mind adjusting for her.
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    just installed progressive new 440 shocks love them better then factory from day 1
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    18 psi in the shocks? How much do YOU weigh? About 50#??? Air pressure is WAY too low. Pump it up a bit...maybe about 5 pounds at a time till it gets too stiff for you then fine adjust back down in 1 PSI increments.