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    Hopefully this is in the right place.
    Ok I've got to ask about programable and preset non stock ignition systems. I've been reading quite a bit on these ignitions and not so much of how or if one system is better than another but I think more about what you can actually achieve installing one of these ignitions in the average Joe's bike that has a descent motor and for now I will ask more of the ignitions that have been installed in the EVO bikes, particularly the FLH models. My buddy has an 87 FXR and I've tried his bike, it has the S&S ignition and hq-24 cam and other than that its stock motor with 30,000 miles. I found it takes off like a jack rabbit after it gets past the semi dead spot of the throttle. Now question is if these are from what I've pulled from info more REV limit adjuster systems how would they work for an average Joe like me for an 89 FLH if I ride the bike like a dresser and not like my 02 Dyna basicly not pushing the rev's high? Like is there an advantage that you've found if you've installed one of these ignitions on an EVO ( note EVO and not TC ) bike ? Haveyou's found this ignition adds to torque at all?
    On my dresser I go through the gears not really even shifting higher than 3-4000 rpm because motor sounds like its screaming at me, other than that I may drop agear on the hiway to pass, that is if I'm going slow enough not to have the motor screaming.
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    If there are no other modifications to your bike you will not realize any great benefit. If you do a mild cam and change to a good single fire ignition like Crane or the Dyna you will benefit. :s