Dielctric Grease ??

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Joyflyin, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Okay, the motorcycle monster has resurfaced & has some ??'s. So, here we go, I'm working on servicing my bike for the 10K service, and I thought while I was in there I would take the advice by many on the forum and put some dielectric grease on the connectors & such. I am wondering what type of grease, (basic grease from the local auto store or something specific), and then what all should I put it on? Thanks a million!
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    Provides a moisture-proof barrier that lubricates and protects electrical equipment from salt, dirt and corrosion. High dielectric strength. Good thermal, oxidation and chemical stability.

    This is the definition of dielectric grease. Do not use any kind of lubricating peroleum grease. It used to be available from Harley in a tube but any electronic equipment store should have it. It is great for just about any electrical connection including battery terminals. Just don't get away with the amount you use. Fossil
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    Permatex brand dielectric grease(silicone base) isn't to bad of a product. You can use it pretty much any where there is a electrical fittings. bulb bases,battery termn.,spark plug boots,fuses, and a few other places. It's a good lubricant on rubber,plastic and ceramic surfaces.
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    Sounds good so far, we have some in the shop, (woo hoo, hubby has been busy at work & hasn't needed his shop & I'm diggin' it!) :D But we have some dielectric grease out there, (at least that is what the bottle says) can't remember the brand name, but that's what I was going to use. Just wanted to be sure I had the right idea going.

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    Your HD dealer actually has a tube of the stuff labeled Dielectric Grease for $9.95...funny you should ask. They manage to get us in there all the time don't they! :D

    It is electrically inert, does not attract moisture and is commonly used in automotive/RV/Trailer electrical block connectors, even in military vehicles of all types.:coffee
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    NAPA, AUTOZONE,ADVANCE AUTO or Radio Shack....less $$$ than HD for sure..... sometimes they keep it with the trailer accesories..
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    I'll check the stuff out that we have. I'm sure it's pretty decent for what it is. I'll just say, the main 'proprietor' of the shop is very, very picky about what gets put in his shop. :D We won't go into how many times I have heard, 'that better not end up in my toolbox/shop/whatever'. :s