did research cant find 2006 96 cu

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by hd low rider, Dec 8, 2010.

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    Hey just bought a new 2006 dyna lowrider harley shop told me it was a 96cu i did research not that much but a little couldnt find a 2006 with a 96 cu do they make them and if so how can i tell... that its no an 88cu another thing was i not smart buying a harley with 48k miles or is it going to last me.... They have a motor in the store with 210k miles or it but they said it was rare. I need help to figure out what the heck i got.... I know buying a harley was a good choice but some one reassure me that 48k miles are nothing for these things:small3d007:
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    07 was the first year for 96ci motors. Maybe ya got a 95ci upgrade. Maybe, or bigger. Did ya get a deal? I liked my 06 Ultra.
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    Nope it is more than likely an 88. There is a remote possibility that it could have an AMS big bore kit that would make it a 96 but I really doubt that.:newsmile020: 48k is nothing to worry about if it was maintained well.
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    You also may want to inspect the alternator rotor and see if was upgraded to the welded 2 piece. If yours still has the bolted together rotor, I would address it with some light welding. A few hours now could save you a $bunch$ later.

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    In doing research for my 07 96 tc it did list the 06 dyna only of having the same upgrades such as cam plate, tensioners and such. so is it possile that he could have the earlier than 07 redesigned 96 incher that came in just the 06 dyna??? educate me
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    2006 was the first year for cruise drive 6 speed and later primary on FXDs ONLY. 2006 FXDs still had 88ci, but had newer oil pump, cam plate, and hydraulic tensioners.
    2007 was the frist year 96ci and cruisdrive 6 speed for all big twin models.
  7. hd low rider

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    i got it for 11,000 tell me that was a deal lol i dont think it was

    ok my has the 6 speed in it but it still a 06
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    $11,000 for 2006 FXDL w/ 48k miles? Sounds kinda high. I see em on ebay 07 and newer around 10. you would figure with that many miles the charging system rotor has been replaced or welded like someone above stated. Good luck JD
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    OK, that was a deal. Don't worry about it. If you like the bike, ride it, enjoy it and forget what you paid for it. That's ancient history.
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    MY Honest opinion,,,,,Way too much.. I disagree with a very Knowledgeable person here and I would say 48,000 miles is a lot.(.)

    The 06 dyna Super Glide was the TEST model for the 6 speed over drive tranny. (a good thing).

    IF they told you (dealer) in writing it was a 96" bike, and sold it to you that way, YOU have "recourse" IF it IS not a 96" and is an 88 cu in bike like it does come from HD...(at least to Up-grade IT to that size) (then I would NOT worry about the 48,000 miles the pistons have Now)

    I would UN-DO the deal IF what I have said ABOVE is the WAY it went...

    IF not, You do have (own) a bike that will give you more rides and hopefully with out problems...

    48,000 miles is NOT the best,,,, I would Never buy a bike with that many miles on it for that TOP $$ you paid.

    YOU ASKED and I told MY honest opinion..

    Ask IF you want more opinion OR Help with this.....