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Diagnostic Code P1356


I am getting a diagnostic code P1356 which says no combustion in rear cylinder. I have cleared it and run the engine down the street and I get the same check engine code. Engine seems to be running just fine. I've been running Harleys for many years and I can't get use to all the new fangled crap on the newer bikes. I have 10,500 miles on this one (2006 Road King) I've yet to change my plugs. Think new plugs would help? I also have EFI. Any help would be appreciated.
I would check the wires and plugs too,have you replaced the wires or plugs with another brand? Maybe swap plugs to see what that gains you if anything. Last resort check the wiring on the injector itself. They have been known to break right near the plug on the injector. Difficult to see because the insulation is still intact, but if you wiggle the wires themselves, you may see a missfire while doing it.
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Glider I finally got down to check out my scooter, funny thing my plug wire had backed off from the plug which caused me to get that code. I can't thank you enough. THANKS!