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Discussion in 'Southwest' started by pnags05, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Hey all I'm in the DFW area and I'm looking for anybody around Mid Cities or Grapevine area. Just bought a 2007 XL1200R and I'm new to the biker community. Would be great if somebody could fill me in on the poker runs and charity rides they do around here. Also my dad and uncle are riding their Dynas out in Aug so does anybody have any suggestions for a good day trip around here? Would be nice to get out of the city and take them on a little day ride somewhere with a good view or something. Thanks and I look forward to getting to know some people!
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    Pnags05, welcome to the forum! I'm in the Mid-Cities area, but haven't done much in the way of poker runs and charity rides. You can often find information at the dealerships. Some of the local shops like Bikers Bay or Cycle Gear will also have information available on the rides. Probably the biggest in the area is the Big Texas Toy Run in December.

    My wife and I have a number of routes around Grapevine to take rides that are a couple of hours long. A couple of places like are the road over the Grapevine dam. Just north of the dam, there are 3 roundabouts that can be fun to ride around. Also try Dove Loop Road out through Southlake to Keller. It's slow, but fairly pretty. Another area to try is Hwy 377 north from 114 to FM 407, then west to Justin, and on to US 287. Just watch your speed through Northlake and Justin. 377 north of Denton up to Gainesville is also a nice ride.

    Some other roads to consider are FM 51 north out of Decatur, which goes up through the LBJ National Grasslands. If you just want to burn some highway miles, try 287 north from Ft. Worth up to Wichita Falls.

    If you're looking for a good all-day ride, try going west out of Ft Worth to Weatherford, then take 81 through Mineral Wells out to Palo Pinto, then take Hwy 4 down to Granbury. The best section on FM 4 is actually between Palo Pinto and I-20, which has lots of twisties.

    One website that helped me find some good roads in the area is www.motorcycleroads.us

    Don't be afraid to try some of the smaller country roads; you can really find some wonderful little roads both north and west of town. East Texas has some good riding also, you just have to deal with a lot of the mess that is Dallas traffic to get there.
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    Hey thanks alot I look forward to checking those out. I did the tour around grapevine lake my first night and it was great lol! Thanks again and ride safe!
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    Your always welcome to ride out east towards Lake Fork , we got some pretty nice riding out this way.....:D
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    +1 on going east...beautiful. Will be more than an hour or so ride. The Mrs and I took off for a short scoot this weekend.....Lake Ray Roberts had some pretty nice sights and it wasnt a 4 hour run. Short enough not to pack, long enough to get the cobwebs out.

    Anything east of McKinney - relaxing. Good watering hole is Dawgs and Hawgs in McKinney. ( Hwy 5 and Louisianna).

    Cant help going west. Head S/SW Lake WHITNEY, make a day of it.
    In Grapevine, you can always end up at Wilhoites to reflect on the day's events. ( Main St)

    Or if you want a quickie run, take the Ol Man down to Strokers in Dallas. Just a bunch of Bikers sittin, talkin, eatin and wettin the whistle outside in the back. Good place to stop and stretch.

    Head out to Decatur ( north ), you can burn a few hours on some country roads. Stop by Bubbas BBQ and get miserably stuffed.

    Me, I just jump on and go every Saturday and Sunday morning for 2 hours. I find something new every time. Just find a road and go, turn when you get the urge.

    Be safe, have fun.....enjoy the scoot.
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    Shove the gps in you pocket and hit the FM's but stay off off gravel roads, nothing but pain and scratched chrome there...nose plugs are a tip I'd advise...