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DFO/TFI -PC III Comparisons


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Many questions have been asked about the advantages of the DFO/TFI over the PCIII and visa versa.

I'll try to list some of them here for clarification of the units...
The TFI/DFO units are both made by Techlusion. The DFO is made for distribution by other aftermarket companies.


~Easy install and setup and can be removed without a trace for warrantee work.
~No computer or computer skill needed to perform setup.
~Unit can be velcro attached to the tank for easy adjustments on the go.
~Recommended settings tend to be on the rich side.
~Web help availabe for setup including picture links.
~Chance of damage to engine from improper adjustments is very slight.
~Installation by owner is less than perfect due to no fuel air measurememts.
~Less expensive than the PCIII.
~Only adjust fuel by varying the pulse width of the injectors.
~Very good warrantee from company.
~A good choice for engines that will not have extensive mods done.
~Piggybacks your ECM.

~Requires a few dyno runs to maximize the fullest potential with a custom map.
~How good is your dealer tech with a dyno? (Biggest problem)
~Expense of dyno runs if mapped by the dealer.
~Web help available for assistance.
~Canned maps are available from the PC webpage , but only get you in the ballpark.
~Engine damage can result from improper advance curves.
~Installation by owner is less than perfect due to no fuel air measurements.
~more expensive than the TFI/DFO by a significant amount.
~Associated software and cords needed for mapping. (Non dealer)
~Computer skills needed for map changes.
~Can adjust pulse width and also timing, also gives other information about your system.
~A better choice for engines that will have extensive work done to them.
~Piggybacks your ECM.

Powercommander is working on a program that we will most likely be able to download, from their website, that will move the rev limiter to you won't have to pay for the harley one. He said it will be on when it is finished.