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    I recently purchased an '07 Deuce, love the bike but miss the carrying capabilities of my old metric with hard bags. Any suggestion on inexpensive solutions ie. a small pack that goes on easily without 6 bungies, two pieces of clotheline and a prayer? (name brands, part numbers and pictures are welcomed!)
    I DO have the H-D rack on the back and a medium sized backrest pad on the Sundowner seat.
    Hopefully, the spring will see H-D bags..... just not in the crystal ball for this summer.

    As always...take the corners on two wheels! Ride safe, there are a lot of good people left to meet! :bigsmiley18:

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    You have the Perfect set-up for a T Bag...

    The T bag is sized for different Fit on bikes, Big med. small. and different sized slip over pocket that holds them on to the sissy bar-pad....

    If you can use the Back Sissy as the holding point and the base of the T bag fits on the luggage rack, you will have Plenty of Safe, easily removed and put back on storage...

    Most On Line parts sell them and If I remember right ,I paid 60$ or so for my good one, a Large with zipper expansion to carry ALL...
    It has served me well for 100's of times and 3 different bikes... The key is the Fit to your sissy bar-pad and the size needed to hold your stuff.... Then, You would not need to Clutter your Deuce with a
    Any saddle bag.(.)

    I put in ALL that needs for two people and trip out on the FLHR any time, leaving the hard bags on my bike for the Normal things I carry everyday...

  3. Digger Guy

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    I found a backpack bag that is made to fit over the sissy bar from walmart for under $30. It works well for a 2-3 day trip. If interested its located next to the motorcycle stuff.

    NYSDEUCERIDER Active Member

    I wound up purchasing a "ROAD READY"-brand bag that slips over the backrest pad, fastens with two quick-buckle straps thru the luggage rack. Nice bag, well made (IN THE USA! :) ) from a very nice vendor at the AMERICADE show. Quick, reasonably priced, and easy! The downside is that it only has a side to side zipper and is difficult to get things in and out of. I'm happy with it, to a degree, but will still be on the search for something handier. But for now, it is working great! Went touring yesterday and it was all I could do to cram my jacket into the bag, let alone the camera!
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    i got a saddlemen sissy bar bag & love it. once put on & adjusted goes on & off in seconds. they make several different sizes to fit your needs.

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    Late in the season, we bought a BIG HD pack and by spring, I will have a few needed modifications for it to fit on the Deuce. LOTS of storage now for the bigger excursions. Biggest problem was that it tended to droop over the small stock factory luggage rack. I temporarily mounted an oak board on the rack to support it and that worked great, but it just looked like what it was - a cob job!:bigsmiley30:

    This winter I will be building a custom Lexan tray, fitted to conforms of the pack and mounting it permanantly inside to give it a nice square, rigid shape. Not good to have your pack drooping down, obscuring the taillight, expecially on a rainy night! (that was our trip home with the new pack! Pretty nerve-wracking!):newsmile077:

    Ride safe!