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Deuce Dash wiring


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:6:I am looking to see if anyone has a wiring diagram of the dash for the deuce. I am installing the Deuce dash onto my Sportster and need the diagram to figure out how to match up the wires. Thank you for your time.:hii
I have the 05 softail manual if I can help. I can probably get something copied, scanned or whatever.....:D Glider probably has it covered though ;s.
I'll see what I can do with the copy/scan. Will probably get it to you via email attachment & let you handle it from there. :D
I'm downloading the manual now.;s I'll see if the diagram looks the same. I have the copy down to the correct size for me to scan at home this evening just in case. (11x17 in manual, 8 1/2 x 11 at home.....) I'll let you know....big download, but may be worth it :D.
it is a 2003 dash sorry it has taken me so long to check on here thank you for all the help I will see if the wiring diagrams from joy work.