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I'm new here, but long time rider. Looking for some good input from those of you in the know. I'm considering putting a detachable bat wing fairing on my road king to get some tunes and a little more protection. I've found at least 6 vendors out there, and each of them claims to be the best. Anyone out there done this? I'd really like to hear your recommendations on which setup might be the best value. By best value I mean quality and price, not just price. Thanks :s
I have the one from Hoppe Industries and the sound system sold me ...I looked at this one and the Dragon Fly( I think thats what they are called)..was just ok. I had it striped addded on it at one of the rally s and everyone thinks it Harley until they see the Radio and four to gray strips ran on the front and it matches the gas tank and saddle bags. I did not owe my first Harley till I was 58...and never had been on a motorcycle when I decided we were going to walk into the world of Harley I sat on a Ultra and it seemed so top heavy ..besides the fellows who first talked me into this ...was at a Vietnam Vets reunion and they convinced me to get at the very least a Road then I've put so much into it I will never buy another one..I just keep adding to this one...and when the time comes I'll replace the engine..I won't bother telling you what all I got invested in this HD if only I can remember how to put a pic here I'll show you the Hoppe Fairing...btw..takes about 5 minutes to change from the regular shield to the Hoppe...What ever you decide good luck...someone told me there is Fairings out there for 600 to 800 dollars ..well I haven't found them mine was 1500.00...I do love it...


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Hey FourDogs, thanks for the input and pix. Did you consider the locking capability of the Dead Center? Or was locking not an issue with you. Thanks
Just looked at a buddies Heritage that he put a Hoppe Quadzilla on this winter. It seems very well made and thought out. The stereo was great!. Removal is very easy and strait forward. He's very happy with it. Gil
Hey FourDogs, thanks for the input and pix. Did you consider the locking capability of the Dead Center? Or was locking not an issue with you. Thanks

Locking not a issue...coz when you lock the fork its impossible to get to the bolts holding the left side of the fairing...but there is locking gizmos you can buy..something like we used to put on Mag wheels in the good old found price wise they are all fairly for me was the sound system that sold ( I say me ) but really was my she loves it...puts her to sleep on long rides..depending what we're listening
Just saw this rad looking Corbin fairing on a Triumph Rocket 3. I wonder if they make 'em for HD's. The Corbin bags are amazing too. I've seen the bags on a Dyna Street Bob, and they are amazing. wonder if a fairing like that would work on a Dyna. The double headlight on the Fatbob might even work with the double headlight like the R3.

Link to see R3 with Corbin Fairing.