Demo Days at Indian Motorcycles 2014

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  1. dbmg

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    Had a opportunity to check out and ride a 2014 Chief 2 weeks ago. Very nice bike and very cool. Great fit and finish, strong engine and smooth transmission. Did not really like the keyless start function. You just push a button like in some cars. Also did not like the way the throttle operated. It seem more like a rheostat type switch that you turned and felt like there was not a positive connection to the function of acceleration. The tiller bars took a bit to get used too. Brakes very solid and stopped quick.
    I would have to say that I prefer my Electra Glide. So now with Indian and Victory competing for the Harley crowd, Harley's can only get better......
    Though I bet Indian will and should be around for a good long time. Overall nice bike.....
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Interesting review, I cannot get my head around that tail light:p
  3. jamesearl

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    They look nice.I'd consider one if they had a lasting reputation for staying in business.One thing about H.D. besides wanting one all my life,there's 2 dealerships within 14 miles of me.And half a dozen in the area.Indian has had a few unsuccessful owners since 53.I hope Polaris has success.
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    I've been on their email blast list since Stellican revived them in the Carolinas. I found a new dealer and went looking. Turned out they do demo rides and I brought my gear in case of that.

    The kickstand mount is forward on the frame & being only 5'-10" it was a stretch. The gearbox was very stiff & only had a toe shifter. Insurance reasons restricted the test road loop in town and I could barely get into 3rd gear. It was a nice bike. I think they said it was a gear driven primary & gear driven cam chest.
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    Polaris Industries is one company that I would bet on keeping the Indian alive, they have a good name a good dealer network and a good bottom line. They wouldn't have bought the shell of a company if they didn't think they could build on it and make it great again. JMO
  6. Harttoo

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    I think They could do better by giving it a more modern look.Why would I want to buy something new that looks old?
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    I rode one last year at bikes and blues and after 5 miles wished I was on my Harley
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    Buddy of mine just bought one. Looks nice if you like that type of style. I'll say this he seems to have a lot of trouble with the radio, says it's overly complicated. I know we sat for about ten minutes Saturday morning while he tried to remember how to get it set to FM. Probably just something he has to get used to.

    I read the below article, which had, in my opinion mixed reviews. Seems there is a throttle lock out feature which won't allow you to accelerate if you apply either brake. read it here:

    2015 Indian Roadmaster – First Ride Review

    Not a big fan of the wrap around fenders, personally. but this is one Indian I might put in my stable.

    2015 Indian Scout Red Motorcycle : Overview
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    Wow... And the article states about litigation if not applied to design? I would think there will be more litigation and be a turn off when considering purchase. The one thing that I told the Indian Rep at the demo days was in my opinion this motorcycle is a very high tech machine that has tried to have character built into it. So it almost seems fake. To start bike all you do is push a start button. Maybe I have been riding to long to appreciate all the new fangled gizmos on these new bikes. Hopefully soon they will build just a regular old motorcycle with out all the over top technology... Where is the Electra Glide Standard or the or the Classic?????????
  10. Mavagrand

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    Yep, gotta keep the lawyers happy. I would not buy the bike just because of this one issue. I was making a U-turn in the middle of the highway Saturday and had to apply my rear brake, albeit briefly. Couldn't imagine losing throttle response at that crucial moment.

    I do like that Scout though.