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    Looking to replace the White brothers 2-1 with something else. Can't decide between the Pro Pipe BP or the Pro Pipe Hi-Output. Going on a Glacier Pearl White 2001 Fatboy EFI that has been built. As it sits at the moment it dynos at 110hp/109ft-lbs.

    I'm wondering what effect either will have on performance?
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    Either one will have the ability to give you better performance. Do you want a black pipe on a Glacier Pearl bike?

    Pro Pipe HI-OUTPUT (black only)

    Designed specifically to address the needs of tuned motors built for high horsepower applications, (hi compression, large displacement, big cams) Pro Pipe Hi-Output is a purpose-built addition to the Pro Pipe family of 2-into-1 exhaust systems. Every aspect of Pro Pipe Hi-Output’s design is singularly focused to yield maximum horsepower by improving the volumetric efficiency of heavily modified engines.
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    RB Racing LSR 2-1 Exhaust Technology

    This is what I have in regards to exhaust and what to look for. Not sure exactly how accurate it is, but sounds good to me. I clipped about 5 inches off of my collector after reading this and then looking at the inside of the pipe. you could see spirals into the soot and 5 inches put the spiral coming out right in the middle of one. I stay may cut it a bit more though, will see. I am currently in the process of doing many thinge to the old ironhead, and am having a blast doing it. Even more fun going for the test rides!!!!!! I posted a picture of it in a "best air filter" thread under sportsters, and now it won't let me post a pic of it here. Good luck to you!!
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    Well it's over and the numbers are in. I went with a V&H Pro Pipe Chrome with the competition baffle. Came back with 108.26hp and 112.06 ft/lbs. Haven't really had the opportunity to go out and ride to check the mileage and see how it runs on the open road. Today may be the day.