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Decisions, decisions......


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OK guys, here's the thing. I have been wanting a SuperGlide for quite a while now. Looked at a bunch of used ones and have decided to just go new.

I really want silver (Pewter Pearl or whatever), but can't find one locally.

I like the black, and have found a new black '06 Custom, and a new black '07 regular SuperGlide. Because of the 2K they are taking off the Custom, I can get either for about $12K, within a couple hundred bucks of each other.

So the decision is this: do I go with the Custom because it's a good deal and it has a few things I wouldn't have to add to the other 'Glide


Do I go with the regular '07 SuperGlide because it has the new, bigger motor..........

I think I already know what I am going to do, just interested in some other opinions. I am still trying to find a silver one in the meantime!:)

I would like to choose the new one,because new bike have a lot chance to be modified whatever we want :) and you can learn step by step about each character for your bike,like machine,throtle,how to maintenance etc (Note: If you newbie/first time on it).But customs model always have a better look other than standard model.

So if you desired with custom model I hope you have more experience about Super Glide.

This is just my opinion,lets wait other riders comments.
I have just ordered a new 2007 FXDC (custom) I had the opportunity to purchase a new 06 model FXDWG at a reduced rate ($2000) due to the upgrades for 07. I still plumped for the new custom, with forward controls. Not too long ago, remember, people were bolting on big bore kits to get to the FXD just didn't do it for me like the custom.

Things such as Fat bob tank (more capacity, and better look), tank mounted controls - speedo etc, more chrome, better engine finish and a whole lot more of the little things would make it an easy decision for me!


In February this year I bought my 1st HOG. it is an 07 Roadking. I was thinking about the 06 model on the floor in the dealership. But what it came down to in the end was the following...

  • I am about to spend over $30,000 (au) on a Harley Davidson, its not a small purchace. Its is a motorcycle that I have longed for for many years, the difference that I will save on buying the 06 model v the 07 model is, in the scheme of things minimal.

    • With a new 07 model I get all the extra goodies that I wouldnt have gotten on the 06 model such as the new bigger 96cu donk, the 6 speed tranny, security system etc.

      • My new 07 model will be with me for many years. I will enjoy adding my own custom touches over time.

        • The new standard machine is guaranteed to put a large enough grin on your dial, buying the custom 06 model wont give you a bigger thrill.
      Finaly, I always have had this thing about buying someone elses troubles.
Just my 2 bobs worth, but what ever you decide on im sure youll love it.

Let us know which you have chosen when you finnally lay down your cash
Go new and put all the miles on it yourself. Just went through a simmilar decision and went with the NEW street bob.

Just FYI - My dealer didn't have the color I wanted (denim black), but the got it for me. They called around to other dealers and got the one I wanted from a dealer 200 miles away. I don't know how the different dealerships worked a deal, but somehow they did. Took a week, or so, before they had it locally, but I got the color I wanted. I didn't even get charged anything extra for shipping. Maybe you already tried this, but figured I would mention it.