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Re: BAD Dealers You Wouldn't Recommend.

Any Harley Dealership owned by Charlie Cole - Cole Harley Davidson, Bluefield WV - Charlie's Harlley Davidson Huntington WV ( used to be a great shop named Benjy's HD :cry) - Blackwolf Harley Davidson Abingdon VA

These shops are owned by the son of a used car salesman and that's how the Harley shops are run. They've burnt every person I know that fell for their ads - example: "NEW Dunlop Harley Davidson tires any size $99". In real little print at the bottom of the ad it says
"With Instlation ONLY"
That runs from $49 - $119 depending on tire size and bike.
and on and on and on :no :devil
BAD Dealer, Rocket Harley, Alabama, USA

I went to Rocket Harley here in Alabama, USA this past Sunday. I wanted to check out the 08 Road King Classic and got to test ride one.

Anyway, I wanted to see if they could make a deal I could live with if I bought it that day. The sale price was $20,995.00 but when we stepped in the door the sales guy then wanted $22,458.00 and that was not even getting out the door price! MSRP is $18,305.00! He also wanted more for the accessories they had bolted on the bike with the price tag of $20,995.00 and nothing was posted on the bike saying the accessory on the bike cost extra. Is that right? When I got my Heritage Softail Classic the accessories they had on the bike were included in the price on the bike. No extra charge!

Also, the accessory was a Detachable Two-Up Tour-Pak rack that the Harley web site had listed for $179.95 and this guy was trying to say it was a big deal for the service dept to take it off the bike and he wanted over 500 bucks for it extra in the price.

Top it off when I asked for the sale price of 20,995.00 then they only offered for my bike the NADA low retail value that is for a bike with cosmetic and mechanical defects. My bike is in showroom condition and has $3000.00 in accessories on it! Three times they came back with different numbers to make it look good on first glace but they just lowered my trade in value and played sucker games not lower the price difference one dollar. Needless to say they lost this sale. I’ll just take my money someone where else that I can get deal with out all the used car salesman tactics.

The line Rocket Harley uses is they sale for MSRP but then add on about a $900.00 dealer prep and $395.00 for title fee (about 5 mins of paperwork). Then they bolt on lots of accessories you may or may not want charging top dollar and service installation charges. They DON’T tell you it’s extra on top of the price tag for the accessories they have bolted on the bike with until you read the numbers in the paperwork. If you don’t see that before you write signature on the paperwork then too bad for you.

Rocket Harley marks its motorcycles up about 20% above MSRP and even charges more for its used bikes than a new one cost from out of state dealers. I have found dealers just a 100 miles away sale for MSRP out the door price plus tax & title.
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HD of Seatle in Lynwood Washington, I just don't like to be BOLD face lied to I called and asked them if they had a Black Standard on the floor. They said yes. I said How much. They said gave me the price. I got there and the tacked on $750 for setup, witch I knew they were gonna do. but the $450 for security, I think $500 for smooth wheel option. and there price was too high to begin with. I drove about 300 miles to do business with "them" because I bought a bike from them about 8 years ago and it was completely different.
I feel they new those options were on the bike when I called they should have been part of the price I was told over the phone. you live, you learn, I did get a $100 gift certificate to spend in "their" store:swoon to top it all off after I bought the bike they sent me a letter and told me my license plate was in and I could come pick it up any time. :wall when I called and told them I lived in spokane they ahuh, what's your point........DUHH!!!!:shock They did mail it, but c'mon, should I really have to ask?:dknow
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Unless your a (and from what I have read on this site--I'm new to the web site-- no one is) snobby,wannabe,cager yuppie Do not go to Topeka Harley in Topeka,Ks.!!!
Suffice to alert when dealing with this dealer:
Buffalo Harley-Davidson, Buffalo, NY
Truly not meaning to be a I told you so
"get your own lawyer involved right from the beginning" but I you still need one bad and the longer you wait the less he'll have to work with. You should have been riding a loner/rental replacement furnished by the flop that crashed it! Until it is / was repaired, which shouldn't have taken over 4 weeks max.
I'd have had the whole bunch tied up in court by now!!! :49:
Liberal Harely davidson.....Liberal Ks.

My Wife,kids and I were there doing some shoping, My Duaghter(2yrs old) had found a Harley Davidson stuffed dog that she had wanted. She was carrying it around the store before we made it to the sales counter and had droped it on the floor. One of the parts guys came running around from the back of the counter and grabed it off of the floor before she could bend over and pick it up. He dusted it off like it had fallen in bucket of oildry, marched his happy little a$$ back to where the stuffed animals were and put it back on the shelf. Needless to say, I wont be going back in there, and I sure would not recomend it to anyone else. You can kick my dog before you mess with daddy little girl.
bad dealers tell us what happen

shumate in tri city washington not good bad dynos dont like to sell bikes
Re: bad dealers tell us what happen

Gails in Kansas City, Mo. I dont like to be called a Liar and I dont like people who just think they are better then you> I did by the bike but I dont know if I would again. From what I am told they do have an great service shop with good guys in there!