Dealer Washed Paint Off Engine

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by orgredneck, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. orgredneck

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    I took my bike in for 10,000 mile check up today.
    When I went to pick it up tonight they had washed it with Degreaser,
    had white stains all over,like they left it dry on.
    Took silver paint off engine.
    Need Help

    They want to spray paint engine.
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  2. Crocker

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    Wow they must have used some really strong stuff , I would say that it would be not possible to match, the whole engine would need to be painted to look rite , engine should be removed to do it rite , I would not settle for anything less , I have repainted engines with great results ,but you need to remove the engine
  3. CatWoman

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    I'm so sorry :( to hear about your engine paint problem, Orjredneck!!!!

    I just rebuilt the top and bottom end of my 1989 Electra Glide and took advantage of the fact that, while out of the frame, to paint the engine. Unfortunately, I had to make a few touch-ups after it was back in the frame. Now, I must say, it looks much better :yes. Hopefully, the spots are not too big and can be touched up -- but if you are not satisfied, demand that they do it right!

    Good Luck!!


    (By the way, I used spray paint too!)
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  4. glider

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    Like Hobbit said the silver is paint to begin with (98606BY) made by Harley for the cases on the silver engines.
    Any use of products like carb cleaner etc on the paint will remove it. Myself, I would do the painting myself instead of letting the persons that did the damage do the painting. It can be done with good results with the engine in place if you mask some areas up and you would know it wasn't the same people that caused the damage top begin with that obviously don't know what they are doing to begin with. Let them get you the paint and compensate you for doing the job in some way.
  5. joe1984

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    You could even put a call into Harley Corp and see what they tell you to do... Im sure that they have to make good on this situation... a guy i know dropped his bike off for service they delivered it back to him in a box trailer well the kid never strapped it in right and one came loose and the bike went over on its side.... well sure enough he got 2 free oil changes a new front fender and a $250.00 gift cert.....
  6. CatWoman

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    To maybe help you out with ideas of masking some of the areas: when I did my engine, I use several products to do the masking.
    Aluminum foil to stuff into and mold around areas (when I stuffed it into areas, I placed it around various sizes of wadded up torn paper towel).

    Various sizes of paper taped using the blue tape that painters use to mask areas (doesn't hold well to metal but does kindof well for short periods to itself - masking tape might do just as good).

    I used bandage material (the kind that sticks to itself, like they give you after you have blood drawn) to wrap the lifter covers (I'm sure just about anything can be used here).

    Then to keep the paint off of the bolts and assorted numbers on the engine compartments, I used a product called 'plummer's dope', essentially it is liquid teflon -- very difficult to remove (this took longer than putting it on with a screwdriver), probably vasoline woud be better and it would wipe/wash off easier.

    Finally (yes, the prep is incredibly time consuming) I painted :newsmile021:

    After I painted (mine is black) I removed the paint from the fins with a plummer's product that cleans copper piping (I have a plummer friend) but small grit sand paper or soft steel wool would do just as well (use small pieces so you don't hit areas that will need touching up).

    Hope this was helpful,

  7. Elmosac

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    You should probably contact the Motor Company and see what they have to say. they may make the dealer do it right if they are trying to get by on the cheap on you.

    Hope it works out for you.
  8. 03classic

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    Here is H-D customer service # (414) 343-4056 Good luck!