Dealer Demo-day ( Rode 5 )

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    Yesterday was the spring Demo day at my favorite HD dealer. Indianapolis Southside Harley Davidson Sales and Service (Since 1947). Rain and overcast skies resulted in not many folks showing up.

    In the spirit of motorcycle education and I took pleasure in riding five machines. I had prioritize my agenda to ride a Tri-Glide.:newsmile093: For the first time I road the HD "Trike". Honestly a Trike is just not my cup of tea. Obviously these machines have some advantages, but I felt like the machine was more in control of me than I was of it. So to me the Trike seems sort of dangerous.

    I then rode a 1200 Sportster Custom and a Sportster 883-Iron, back to back. You really can feel the difference in the two engines, testing them out back to back as I did.

    My 4th machine to ride was a Fatbob. First time to ride one of these. It seemed to be very fast and responsive to the twisted back throttle, however it had a very excessive vibration that would cause any normal person to be concerned. :bigsmiley31: If I were to have bought this Fatboy and upon noticing the vibration, the service department and I would be having a "nose to nose". Something is out of spec on this machine. Regardless it seemed the fastest of the machines I tested yesterday.

    And lastly I saved the best for last. I rode a new Electraglide Ultra Classic,:worthy (truly the "Flagship" of the motor company). Hands down, my next HD will be an Ultra. Not today or tomorrow, but Good Lord willing...I will hopefully bag an Ultra someday.

    The hospitality and gracious manners from the dealership was par-excellet, but then they always are! :) I love doing business there.:D
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    Any idea on what bikes had drive by wire?