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I try to go every year; I schedule my vacations around it (I'm sick, I know:D ). We leave the kids with their grandparents and go for the week. Only three more days until we leave. Any one else going this year or been previously?
It sounds to me like you are a dedicated rider LOL. I have been a few times. It was a great ride and I met all kinds of people. The number of professionals riding is getting increasingly larger day by day.
I would love to go to Daytona. I am so jealous. You will have to post when you get back and let us in and all the cool new stuff you come across there. I want to hear all about it, or better yet you could take me with you. LOL
Harley heaven, Aren't you the lucky one to be going to Biketoberfest I assume you are going with your other half so I recommend taking the Romantic Sunset/ City Lights cruise, it is a beautiful cruise around Halifax River. Enjoy yourself!
Are you back yet? How was it? Did you get much sleep? I know when I go to a rally sleep is the last thing we do. You got to fill us in on everything you did. What was new this year? Did you meet any bike celebs?
I am sure it must be an exciting place to be but I would worry to much, the accident toll at Daytona and Oktoberfest keeps on rising every year. I’m starting to think events like these shouldn’t take place anymore.
Some of the reports are just insane also, maybe they should have a check point for dummies before you can get there? Require everyone to do a saftey course before going? But guess that is too controlling, but I sure hate to see these things shut down because of the irresponsible ones.
I agree that it would be a real shane if these events had to be stopped because of irresponsible and careless people. There are more accidents every year, but there are more people attending and most are safe riders.
I don't think we should let the idiots out there ruin these events for the rest of us. The events I have been at have had pretty good security and I think that is key. I have heard of many tradegies and hopefully the forces that be can come up with more ideas to curb these problems, but I don't know how you stop stupid people from doing stupid things.
It so happens that I live about 30 miles from the Daytona Area. Because of this I hear more than most on what goes on here.

1 Accident was caused when a Car Driver couldn't see because of a Dump Truck turning and decided just to go ahead and pull onto to highway anyway. The result was a innocent Biker killed when the car pulled directly in front of him. (Biker was a local man in his early 70's and knew the road very well. Was going to the events at Daytona).

1 Accident was caused when an mid 40's Biker had what appeared to be a heart-attack while riding. He was seen to have dropped his head and slumped over just before losing control and crashing. Was pronouced Dead on Scene.

I believe in all there were 6 killed. Not all were caused by a ill-trained biker. To often we tend to blame the rider for being stupid, and some are at these events. Over the years most of the wrecks here have been caused by un-attentative car drivers, who are annoid at "all the bikes in the way".

When you attend an even, Be Careful, pay attention to whats going on around you, and enjoy yourself.

Ride to Live..............but Live to Ride another day.