day cruising with a 883 h ?

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    :wall Can we ride two up on a 883 -h , with a 1200 kit and not hurt the bike ?
    we have a 1987 and I've been told not to ride 2 up for a long distance because it will over heat the motor, it does run about 3250 rpm at 60 mph.
    any help would be great, We are also looking for a 2up seat for the bike We bought it with a solo seat.
    thanks for reading

    keep the rubber side down
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    I had a 1987 1100. I don't think you will be hurting the bike any unless the two of you combined are more than 300 lbs. I and my wife both had problems with our eyes blurring from vibration at 60 mph.
  3. marcus22

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    there should be manufacture regulations on how much weight can be on the bike and go off that. I would ask my dealer or look it up in your owners manual for your specific model. I would think you could go two up and not have any problems.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Look on the neck of the frame, seems to me there is a sticker with VGW= Vehicle Gross Weight:s
  5. Iceman24

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    Although...2-up for an entire day on that bike would definitely wear on the rider/passenger. Might even cause a trip to the Dentist to get some fillings re-tooled too. :D
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    On one summer trip i did on the sporty it got hot air temp was 90 + and i had to stop every hour or so as oil temp would be at 240 which is getting a bit high for a dino oil synthetic oils can handle heat much better than dino oil and the breakdown of the lubrication qualities of the oil is what would cause harm
    On that trip we covered about 300 miles per day stopping for 15 after each hour was what got me and the bikes through without issue as i am from a cold climate i fond the heat difficult so had to do a lot of re hydration
    If that had been my normal conditions i would have fitted an oil cooler

    Most seats for evo sportsters up to 2003 should fit your bike as the sportster seat fittings stayed the same for a long time

  7. gator508

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    I kept my old manual on my 07 1200 custom. The GVWR is listed as 1000lb. Maybe its close for your bike. We never did like riding 2 up for very long, beat us like a drum.
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    Thanks to all for input, My wife told me to keep the solo seat on the "min-hog" and ride two up on the kawi.
  9. The Sporty 883 will run all day 2-up. Put a dipstick gauge in it and I bet you'll rarely reach over 200F. The only thing that you may want to be concerned about is the shocks. Does it bottom out easily with both of you on it?

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