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MySpaceTV Videos: Open Road by PSYCHO

Darknight....thank you for asking..this is the link to the Video....sorry am getting old and forgetful I can't remember who originally posted it....My wife thinks I got it in a email...but I think someone in this forum had it up...Any info where it can be purchased would be appreciated...Would love to blast it Thanks again....Fourdogs aka Dan
OK, did a little research. As far as I can tell.. there's no copy of this out yet for MP3, but the band is compiling it's CD/DVD to be released soon. As well as the Tshirts you see in the vid.

No website for the band itself yet, but the response at YouTube about this vid and the song itself has been primarily positive, and seems quite a few fellow riders want the tune to blast as they rip up the roads.

Naturally, there's also a few there responding, that I think must belong to that "other" place. Attitude dripping out of every letter.

Will let you know when there's more information available.

Again..Darkknight to the rescue...Thank Ya Sir...BTW what did you think of it...a little Cheesy maybe ..but personally I loved it..Of course am a old
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Four, I was contacted about this vid, by the individual who initially posted it. Said that merchandise should be available in a week or so. Said he will contact me direct when it does.

Will pass that along to you from there!

Hope that helped!

Yes Sir indeed it help Thank you so much...Hope I can get it before the middle of riding "Thunder on the Colorado in Smithville Texas...and want to blast it loud and proud...:bigsmiley24:
That was a pretty kickin song...

is it just me, or does that bridge the four roll over, look like the same bridge the video uses?