Cylinder Boring

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    What it the max overbore on a 96TC? I'm thinking about going to a 103 or 107. I know 103 is no problem, but how big can you open up the stock cylinders? I want to use my cylinders to keep it matched and the cost down. Looking to go with flat tops for a little more compression. Cast or forged? I will have the heads ported also while they are off.
    I have V/H pipes, A/C, EJK and Andrews 37H cams already.
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    Your cylinders can be bored to 107".
    Have been doing so for over 3 1/2 years, using our proprietary Wiseco piston/Cometic gasket kit.
    Set that 37 @ 10.0 cr, and once you have a head that'll flow in/around 160 cfm @ 10" @ .600" lift, that'll run real well!!:s

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    I have always Liked the Idea to use a SEASONED cyl. not going for a New one...

    The Many engine builders I have talked with, read and run into have said the same thing.. Re-bore Your old ones.

    Think about this.. The cyl Has been torqued already to your motor and by Torque Platting it while boring,,,,, it will Re-form much better to your Motor when RE torqued again...

    If new, they have Not PUSHED OUT (stretching material in the 4 places of the wall) the old one's Have Done already. New,Have Not been Heated then COOLED and HOT again, time after time.. You get the picture.

    Ever notice Most wear lines shows along the cyl "bolt" areas (4 places) where the cyl's are Pressured down by the head bolts... Probably bulging the cyl walls there.

    So the SEASONED cyl will do a better job of aligning the second time around..
    It isn't as surprised in being torqued down for the second Build..

    MY THOUGHTS and Just That.. Your opinions welcome but burn me at the Stake..... :newsmile091: