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    2006 Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Fat Boy for Sale
    Less than 4,000 original miles

    *I have added passenger pegs and have a tallboy seat as well.
    *Added passing lamps for safety
    *Added backrest and turn signal relocation kit
    *Upgraded bars to CVO mini apes
    *Slip on mufflers (look stock but sound awesome)
    *Highway bar
    *I have all the original parts if you want to convert this bike back to "stock"

    This is a 49 state bike registered in California. Clean papers.

    Must have cash in hand to test ride.

    Serious offers only. I have over 25,000 invested in this bike.

    I am selling the bike because I never ended up riding as much as I thought I would. If I don't sell the bike, I will continue to ride once in a while and enjoy it but I feel this beast needs to ridden and enjoy the open road.

    Pictures of the bike are in my profile pics.

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    Are you just taking offers or do you want to post an asking price?
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    Oops, I apologize. I had just reposted my craigslist ad. I am asking $21,000