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    The wife is shopping for a new bike and what started as a search for a new Deluxe has quikly turned into screaming eagle fever.You know how those tricky dealers park those CVO bikes right next to the one you went in to look at.Needless to say a few checks on e bay and craigs list has revealed a surplus of 07/08 CVO bikes at very reasonable prices.Over $10,000.00 off the new prices with very low miles in most cases.
    After digging through some old threads Ive become aware of some of the 110's issues with the cylenders and heat.Im curious if moco's cures have corrected any of these issues?Im also noticing them listed in most cases {dealer listed} without a warrenty.That does not make sense to me as any 08 model should still be covered.
    Im also currious to know if its possible to put an extended warrenty on a used bike purchase through moco?
    This is what you get when you let her take your new toy for a ride.I can no longer get away with "Oh yes honey your EVO is just as fast".At least she's not asking for diamonds and I'll get to ride it when its broken.Could brake down alot.
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    They were replacing the head gaskets to cure the problem with them but I seem to recall a few that went back the second time for the same problem because of the heat causing the situation to reoccur.
    The CVO bikes are dressed real nice and the price usually runs about 10K over the standard model but at resale, the price drops to barely more than the standard model. I speak from my own experiences with this in the past.

    Your best bet would be to shop for the standard model and do it up the way you want it.

    I can well imagine why the dealers aren't offering any warranty on these bikes but the factory was 2 years and is transferable. You can also extend the warranty yourself for piece of mind but be aware that they get a healthy price to do this and it is negotiable as far as price too.

    Extended Warranties - Harley Davidson Community
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    I agree Hobbit, that 105 paint is an aquired taste.Interesting on the 2k price difference for a new cvo bike allbeit leftover.As Glider mentioned they tend to be around 10k more in the states.She's looking at used 07's and o8's..SE Dyna's,Fatty's and Springers all with less than 5k on the odomiter and all in the 15k price range.She realy likes the red Dyna and currently rides a springer {so she's partial}. I see Gliders point about the value dropping out from under them..thats why were looking at them.I doubt there value will drop much more over the next 4 years.In the end were looking at a little less maitanence for me by upgrading so the reliability of the 110 vs. a 96 is the big question.
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    The only heads up issue I would caution about is the runout problem on the larger displacement engines that we have been discussing ad infinitum here at this site. It is a general warning and seems to be associated with how the engine is operated. Glider may have some specific comments about this, but I would suggest having the runout measured on any large displacement used bike ESPECIALLY if there is a lack of warranty issue.

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    i , for one, was not and still is not impressed with the 110" motor . you can get more power out of smaller displacement motors. some poeple say " there is no replacement for displacement", i always say " MORE FLOW EQUALS MORE GO!"
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    I usually don't deal with anything that takes more than one cam to operate. In this case I will tell you about my best riding buddy. He wanted a 110" and did a lot of research. He visited many CVO blogs and found that certain serial numbers aren't having any problems. He searched around and found one on a dealer's floor. This guy just likes to ride and he doesn't care where. So far he hasn't had a problem with the engine. My personal opinion is that Harley has to have the problem fixed by now. However, an extended warranty will be the cross the dealer will have to bear if the engine isn't bullet proof. Fossil
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    Get the latest AIM magazine, they are covering the problems with the 110 cvo's and there are more than one problem to worry about, blown head gaskets, cylinders shifting, cranks twisting, the moco is replacing alot of engines on this one, my local dealer said they have replaced 8 this year and to make things worse they haven't fixed the problem's as of yet, it'll take aftermarket stuff to fix and that will be expensive, stay with the stock engine and modify it, you'll be happier in the long run. :s