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CV Carb vs S&S Super E?

I've got an S&S Super E carburetor on my '83 slightly modified shovelhead. I just purchased a 1995 CV 40 mm carb.
Is there anything that can be done to the CV carb to have it perform better than my S&S?

Or would I be wasting my time?

Also, would the Thunder Jet on the S&S help that much if I added a small amount of nitrous, without adding any other fuel?
If so, what's the max amount of nitrous with cast pistons I could add and still have it stay together without blowing up, if used it only on occasion?
And what jets or what kit would I need for the CV?

I've been told that the CV is a lot better carb jetted right.
Is this true?

And another thing..
I've got solid lifters with Andrew's AB cam, the noise is driving me crazy. I've thought about putting hydraulic Velva touch lifters in it. Would I lose much performance, and is there any other lifters I should try since they're so expensive?
I doubt you'll see any improvement going to the CV carb as good as they are. Properly set up the CV is a hard carb to beat when jetted properly and cleaned up in a few areas. You'll have crisper throttle response with the S&S but aside from that, not much else.

The thunder jet may help but to add nitrous using it would be a difficult thing to do being they draw from the float bowl for the additional fuel to operate. The longevity of the engine would be affected also here.It's only as bullet proof as the weakest part in the engine and a slightly modified shovel isn't over built to begin with.
we have owned 3 diff shovels through the years ,2-74s ,1-80,
onthese bikes we have had cvs ,screaming eagle,s&s but we found the best carb that made our bikes run was the 40 mm mukini ,and for us once it was set up we never had to touch them again .i got into the mukini on my 76 fx it had the screaming eagle carb on it i wanted to go to a S&Sdouble throat carb but was informed by osborns monster motors the 40 mm muk was a awsome carb and thay were right , i was so happy with mukini i run a 42 mm on my evo this bike had a cv with kevlar thunder slide installed and it just didnt have it .if you should deside to go to the muk carb and want to know how to set it up i have the main techs name and phone#and he can tell you how to make it walk and talk