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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Roadsterrider, Aug 17, 2010.

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    I'm planning on throwing some new jets into a 05 roadster and it has a cv carb. I've been searching around to find some jets and I have to say it's quite overwhelming with all of the manufactures to choose from.

    What jet kit did you use and are you satisfied?

    My second question is,

    I would like to know if there is any gaskets I should have on hand before I tear her apart for assembly?
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    IF its a stock CV, I would suggest stock jets from the Moco. I am not completely familiar with the Sporty carb mounting but you should not need any gaskets etc. It's a press fit, with a rubber washer over the intake manifold. Check out search option and self help sections, you will find lots of info on carb tuning.
    Add a couple #4 washers under the needle while your in there. I had a mixed match bunch of different parts in my carb when I got my scoot. They just didnt work well together. I went back to stock everything and then started tuning from there.
    Welcome to the forum and let us know how it turns out for you.

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    stay with the stock jets as has already been stated i dont know what you have alredl got fitted in your carb but normally a 46 or 46 for the slow jet is good and go up a size or 2 on the main if you have a service manual it should tell you what the stock jet sizes are
    a new gasket between the carb and air box might be a good idea
    these links may be worth reading as is a lot of other stuff in the self help section

    *Twin Cam CV Carb Rejet Suggestions - Archive - Harley Davidson Community
    CV Carb Rejet Pics - Archive - Harley Davidson Community

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    Sorry its a 1200, didn't know the roadster came in a 883
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    My plan was to pick up a set of side shots or short shots and a big sucker intake. With some unexpected bills coming it probably won't happen for a while.

    The previous owner had punched out the stock pipes with a stock intake and I am getting the pops at times, I planned on the pipes and intake to fix it. Is this something I can adjust with the idle mixture screw, or will it still need to be rejetted?
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    If you are just rejetting, and the idle mixture screw cover has already been removed, then you do not NEED to remove the carb to swap out jets. You choice.

    Hobbit has you covered on what jets to get both high and low. If you are tearing into the carb to clean it completely and chase all the ports with carb cleaner spray, then pull the slide out and see if a 1/8" drill bit (upside down) will fit in the vacuum port. If it will, someone has drilled that slide. I would replace it.

    Here some info:

    Sportster CV Carb Rejetting - Harley Davidson Community

    *Twin Cam CV Carb Rejet Suggestions - Harley Davidson Community

    (don't fret that it says TC above - still good info)

    CV Carburetor Jet Adjustment/Trouble Shooting - Harley Davidson Community

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    Hope this helps.