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Before you jump into this make sure your carb is not blowing gas into the K&N filter - if it is, the gas will soak the filter and drip. This filter oil, is the oil you are seeing. Pull your filter cover and filter, run the bike, if the gas is being blown out toward the filter you have a carb problem / exhaust problem (reversion they call it). The mismatch between your jetting/timing/and exhaust flow is causing the blow back. Otherwise, read on.

HD says first to do an oil pump alignment , now if you are not into working on your own bike you may want to call your wrench and find out the labor charge for this procedure and contrast that with the cost of the part kit in step three.

STEP 1. Oil pump alignment -
MUST be done using EVO tappet block alignment Screws - Part number HD-33443
1. Loosen all pump assembly mounting screws.
2. Remove two screws diagonal to each other.
3. Install the tappet block alignment screws in these two positions.
4. Torque the remaining screws to spec..
5. Remove the alignment screws/tools.
6. Install the previously removed screws and torque them to spec..

NOTE: This procedure must be performed anytime an oil pump is removed and reinstalled. This will ensure proper oil pump function.

If this did not work.

STEP 2. Replace the 'Umbrella Vales'
1. Order two of the new one piece umbrella valve (part number 17907-01). This replaces the following parts normally ordered separately:
17595-99 Breather Cover - 2 ea
17591-99 Gasket - 2 ea
26858-99 Umbrella Valve - 2 ea
17596-99 Baffle (Breather) - 2 ea
17592-99 Gasket - 2 ea
2. Order two of the filter elements for the Umbrella Valves (part number 63815-99).
3. Replace the Umbrella Valves and filter elements per the shop manual. Again if you don't wrench - check the labor rates.

Still not fixed?

STEP 3. Install the Cam Cavity Vent Tube Kit
The 2002 models have a re-routed vent tube, and it has a larger inside diameter tube to boot - think the factory knows something?

This can be done by anyone with a little patience and common tools.

Order the Cam Cavity Vent Tube Kit: part number 62454-02A (Silver) or 62453-02A (Black) - kits are complete with gasket and will fit any TC88. Of course if you have the chrome cover for this part the chrome cover will no longer fit.

This can be done without removing or loosening the exhaust pipe - it just takes patience. You will have to remove the mounting bolts for a hose and mount plate at the lower left of the Oil Spout assembly and push them out of the way to get the allen wrench to the bolt. The Oil Spout assembly will wiggle out of there - try to remember how you twisted it to get it out and reverse the process to get it back in place. I "stuck" the new gasket to the Oil Spout assembly with some permatex form-a-gasket (very little!) and then slipped the assembly in place.

Removing the stock elbow fitting is a little tricky. The instructions say to remove the nipple from the fitting so it will unscrew. They make it sound so easy! I ended up having to lever the fitting up and down until it broke off - then the fitting would unscrew (you are not going to use it anyway).

If you don't have the special pliers for the one time use hose clamps that HD provides - use worm drive screw hose clamps (you will have to get these separate from the kit).