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CV Carb Float Level Adjustment


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Carb - Float Adjustment:

When adjusting the carb float, the body of the carb should be held at an angle (15 - 20 degrees) making a wedge of wood at 18 degrees (the center of the angle) and setting the carb throat (the side that goes into the maifold) on the wedge of wood and then measuring the float setting (the distance from the "bottom" of the float to the edge of the float bowl mounting flange/base) which should be between 0.413 - 0.453 inches (10.49 - 11.51mm) [7/16" = 0.4375] - great idea!

I made the wood block to fit the angle the carb should be tilted to (not pictured - mine turned out to be a tad over 18 degrees - within specs) and then I took an old HOG Card (think old credit card) and cut a 7/16" tab out of it to use as a gage.

Keep in mind that: a LOW float level will lean out all the carb circuits, and a HIGH float level will richen all the circuits. So set your float level before setting up the carb.

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