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cut out intrmitingly

Ron M

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My bike is a 1987 FLHTC with CV carb , single fire ignition system, super trap mufflers, K/N air filter sifton 143 cam pingle gas valve. Sometimes when I start to accelerate the bike cuts out ,then comes back on. Give it gas and it tries to cut out . Increasing and decreasing revs keeps it from quitting completly most of the time.It does this for a while then runs smooth. Does it when engine is cold does it when engine warmed up. If engine stops I can restart immediatly and some time problem persists sometimes does not. This problem does not happen every day only occasionally Any ideas.
Ron M
My fxrs did the same thing last year. It turned out to be a faulty ignition module. It would cut out cold and run ok for a while, then it would backfire stall and always restart after words. I only discovered the problem after the last time it did that, it didn't re-start. Hope this helps intermittent problems are a real pain and I don't want you to have to go for a wrecker ride and pay the big bucks like I did. Thank god for roadside assistance.:wall
Have to try to figure out if it's a fuel or ignition problem first, from there you can probably figure it out.
I really can't share those words and, if I did I'm sure they would be edited out, lol.