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I learned a good one for those threaded holes visible on your rear fender when using a solo seat.

HD license plate bolts fit the thread nicely. 4 bolts in a kit, so use 2 in your plate and 1 or 2 in your fender. Or, share with a friend. I wouldn't recommend any of them to hold a seat down. Just the empty holes.
For bolt heads that have a definite "up". They may not tighten perfectly upright. Use a little blue threadlocker (loctite) and tighten by hand until straight.


It's a small world just been talking about this same subject on another forum.
You myfriend are a "genius" I did the $2.50 each Harley plastic plug & had to cut off a tab and glue it on . Now I need to find 3 buddy's and share a pack of these.:60: