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Custom Paint Marblizer



I have finally reached the state where I am about to paint my chopper.

Unfortunately to myself, I want something of Deep Marble effect, which I believe is not that easy to archive, I heard about Marblizer....but I was not able to find a kind of a step by step guide who to paint the bike. At the moment I have a bare metal, so will start with the primer ......but what would be the next step?
If anyone could share his/her experience, ti would be really great.

Here are the pictureof what I mean, but in black, and dark broun and touch of yellow and red....

P1010148 pictures from motorcycles photos on webshots
This picture shows the basecoat Marble House of Color before clear pictures from motorcycles photos on webshots



Ps. I am based in the UK
Real easy job with great results.. Basically you lay down a epoxy primer, followed by base coat then your color, then apply the Marbleizer and cover with seran wrap and massage it in,, remove the seran wrap and you got marble, cover that with your clearcoat., you can make many patterns using your fingers, crinkled up aluminimum, feather or about anything. You can add a candy coat if you wish for a deeper effect. I reccomend you get the House of Kolor video,, it shows you exactly how to do it. I got the video when I did my bike and it was money well spent.
Thanks Guys,

this was very helpful.
I bought the HOK DVD as recommeded and it should come within a week. Hopefylly it will explain me the step by step process, and if I get lost I will let you know :)

I have not bought the tools yes. I got recommendation from the dealer :) for the following compressor and the gun. Please let me know what you think about it and if this will be powerfull enough to paint the bike.
Oil-Less Diaphragm Air Compressor And Mini Spraygun Kit on eBay, also, Air Tools Compressors, Garage Equipment Tools, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 06-May-08 19:07:37 BST)


The 0.8 CFM @ 53 PSI is kind of low for most guns, usually that size compressor is used for touch up guns or air brushes.
Something with a storage tank preferably that would be capable of at least a few CFM free air would serve you much better than the constant feed you posted. If you check the spray gun that you are considering, they all have recommended operating pressures for best results and atomization of the paint.
I've done painting in my business I had for over 20 years and better to have more CFM than needed than to end up short because the gun will not return constant performance as the CFM depletes from continuous use. The paint spray pattern changes and delivery also which will effect the final results. Choosing a good brand gun as well with the proper tip size will give you good results for what you are trying to accomplish. Also the marbleizing is a result of the paint and it's application and the directions should be followed closely for best results and uniform marbleizing. This is where the proper flow and application is important.

A compressor that has about a 12 gallon storage and about 1 hp motor will serve you well and can also be used for some air tools as well in the future. Don't forget the moisture traps in the line either. They have to be mounted away from the compressor so the air has a chance to cool so it will condense the moisture out otherwise you will get moisture in the paint that will effect the finish.

Buying too small will lead to frustrations in the final results and may end up getting replaced in the long term for a bigger unit. Sears offers some decent units with storage tanks that are reasonably priced and will be around for a long time too for future projects.
Difficult to say with the different specs than the US.

I would say that this gun bing a HVLP gun would be the best choice out of those furnished.

Sealey S701G Professional Air Spray Gun Gravity Feed on eBay, also, Paint Body Shop Supplies, Garage Equipment Tools, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 07-Aug-08 00:00:00 BST)

The larger fluid tips (1.8) are used for heavier materials like enamels etc.

As far as the compressor,

The first listed comes with a gravity spray gun, over here that's a HVLP gun similar to the gun posted above. Just depends on the quality. In any case it is probably sufficient to do the job you are doing without going for the high dollar guns.

The second compressor is a used unit so be careful with that one but it will fit the bill also.

The third one is definately large enough with the 7.0cfm free air. More than enough to do the job.

One other thing, see if maybe you can locate the belt driven piston type twin cylinder compressor, they are quieter and usually will last longer than the oil less ones you pictured here. You should only need about a 1 HP motor on it then to do the job.
Thanks again Glider,

I have now a much better idea of what to buy re tools.

In the morning i ordered the DVD - House of Kolor Marbliser off ebay, but a minute a ago i got the emial saying that they are out of stock - obsolete.

Any idea whare i could obtain that DVD showing me how to do the Marbliser? Or a good book? But DVD would be much better?

I browsed the web, but was unable to find it?

Any help woiuild be much appriciated, because with out it I do not think I will be able to figure it out myself.....

House of Kolor should have it on their web site. If all fails I can loan you mine. HOK can supply written directions as well with their products.