Custom Chrome bankrupt.........

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    Custom Chrome bankrupt.........
    almost.......essentially, they have filed for bankruptcy protection and are being bought by the Korean firm which has made parts and latterly RevTech motors for them since the 1980s.

    But they are in deep chrome-coated doo-doo.......''assets of $40.9 million and liabilities of $189.7 million''.......hmmmmmm

    RevTech Engine Maker To Buy Global Motorsport Group - Dealernews

    And that's not all. Big aftermarket chopper brand American Ironhorse shuts production....''temporarily''. The last two paragraphs are quite telling

    American IronHorse Says Whoa - Dealernews
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    Yeah I agree, Disapointing news.
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    The way to go is:

    They have been getting harder & harder to deal with for a while. Parts never in stock, always back ordered. Very poor service. Not least.....Most of their stuff is junk.

    Deal with Drag Specialties, who are soon coming to Europe. They are a large operation, & far, far better.

    And they have a nice BIG Fatbook online.:bigsmiley12:
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    If you ask the dealer you can also get a CD of the fatbook too for free. I never liked Custom Chrome anyhow , I agree with your eval of their service and parts.
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    I wouldn't read too much into the Chapter 11 portion of the sale of Global Motorsport Group. This is primarily to release the new owner from past liabilities and give them a relatively clean slate going forward. Meaning the current owner Cerberus (Chrysler, GMAC, etc) will carry those. While Daeil has inked an offer there will be an auction period in which anyone that wishes to up the offer while agreeing to the current purchase agreement can walk in and purchase Global. As for the assets, don't forget Global owns not only CCI but CCI Europe and Motorcycle Stuff a metric distributor and has warehouses and corporate headquaters in the US and Europe. CCI just needs an owner that understands this industry and distribution to LET them be a viable player again. The talent is there, they just need a good owner.
    My 2 cents worth