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Custom Cabling?


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:eamDoes anyone know of a company who makes custom length black cables for clutch, brake, throttle, etc.? I'm trying to go as thin and cheap as possible so I can hide them inside my mini-apes and not set my wallet on fire at the same time...
Good question, that may be better answered with a call to the manufacturer of the cables for the dimentions. The stock cables are probably about the thinest.
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since were on the topic of inturnal controls.

who makes good internal throttle assys?
where is a good place to get them?
ive been looking through the fat book but cant find any in there.:33:
so his real life persona is nothing like the TV portray him that is good to know.
We have a few Exile bikes over here and they always look well put together.
I live in the worng country one day:bigsmiley5:
He gets a big kick out of the TV thing. Said it was like having teeth pulled!!