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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by jamesearl, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. jamesearl

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    heard a light tapping noise,coming from the left rear of bike,seemed to coincide with wheel revolutions.Mostly about 40mph.Didn't take long to make me wonder what it was.Had the bags off,it was louder.Bikes a year old so I go to dealer,turns out the rear wheels cupped,never had that before.They wanted to change it right away,it's got 9,000 miles on it,but said it was safe to ride,so I'll give it couple thousand till it's worn.Hope it was a defect and no suspension problem.They didn't see any other problem.Anyone had this?
  2. rusntx

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    Was talking about tires with my brother this morn before leaving Canyon Lake, TX. He's been running Dunlops over the years and mentioned every set has cupped. He's gonna give Metzlers a go this change. Me I am gonna try MIchelins even though to date with about 10k them my Dunlops have been ok.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Tire cupping is a strange animal, some will say it is normal, others will have you chasing your riding style, roads you ride, PSI, alignment, balance. Some tires are just plain doing this because of construction IMO
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    I agree with Jack. I once took a bike in for inspection and Tech asked how the outside edges were cupped and worn and the center was like new.... I replied corners???? I have also seen that a guy that was hard on the rear brake stopping and not so much on front his rear was cupping out.....
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    My Dunlop front tire cupped at 18000.Running Michelin Commander ll's.15000 on them no problems and still alot of tread left.